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Veronica Kuzniar Clark (born c. 1966) is an American writer and personality in the alternative media, known for writing about the National Socialist Germany, National Socialism and World War II revisionism. Clark is a prolific writer having authored a stream of books in quick succession from 2009 onwards; most notably the Warwolves of the Iron Cross series with Wilfried Heink of the Inconvenient History blog on CODOH.[1]

She has not been universally embraced however and has been accused by critics of promoting multiracialism (something she denies and claims not to be promoting miscegenation, but de-bunking a false portrait of the Reich). The split is roughly between Truthers/anti-Zionists and white nationalists/Nordicists. She has had a notable feud with Carolyn Yeager, but on the other hand has often featured on the radio shows of Deanna Spingola of Spingola Speaks and Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth.


Clark set up a website known as the Adolf Hitler Research Society (AHRS) in June 2006;[2] the website largely focused on presenting a different view of Adolf Hitler than the mainstream narrative. Firstly, it focused on Hitler's purported Christianity and de-emphasised Aryan racialism. This specific website was last updated in April 2009. She emerged as a public speaker for the first time on 16 December 2006, when she spoke at Winterfest, held by the Phoenix, Arizona unit of National Vanguard. She was introduced at this meeting by Fritz Berg, a longtime World War II revisionist investigator (and the operator of, as one of his "historical-minded colleagues."[3][4]

Sources state, based on Berg's public introduction of her,[3] that Clark has two associate degrees, the first in diesel mechanics, and the second in Liberal Arts Studies and Global Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) from California State University at San Marcos. She is also an ASE Certified Automotive Technician. She has used various different renderings of her name when writing, including; Verohnika Clark, Weronika Clark, Verohnika Clark, Veronica Kuzniar Clark, Veronica K. Clark and VKC, as well as some pseudonyms such as Emma Goldmann and Emma Peters.[5] She used Goldmann while appearing on The Patriot Dames at TalkShoe, a radio show associated with Susie Purtee, back in April 2009.[6]

On the first radio show she appeared on, The Patriot Dames, a call was made by Tom Metzger in which he criticised Clark's non-racialist presentation of National Socialism and the National Socialist Germany.[5] Clark focuses on a minority of non-Aryans who fought in the German Army during the Second World War and authored a book on the topic in 2009 entitled Black Nazis! – this was to be the first of many books. This de-bunks the Jewish Hollywood Nazi portrayal of the Third Reich as a system which somehow wanted to exterminate everybody in the world who wasn't blonde haired and blue eyed. The following years she released a series of books under the banner of Warwolves of the Iron Cross; these criticised the British Empire, showed an alliance between NS and Islam, exposed Franco-American Jewish high finance and further highlighted non-Europeans in the German Army. She featured on Deanna Spingola's show Spingola Speaks on RBN many times from 2012 onwards.[7]

Clark released many books in the year 2013 in particular, including one exposing machinations of freemasonry. Some of these works continue to investigate the Office of Racial Policy and it's actual positions as it developed in Germany. This specific area has proven most controversial with Nordicists, as have other elements of Clark's racial theories in general, but they cannot be fairly said to be advocating miscegenation or multiculturalism as such. In 2014, some of Clark's online activity comes across as unorthodox (such as posting numerous pictures of the androgynous German popstar Bill Kaulitz) and she has claimed to have been a member of the SPLC since 2009, but it is unclear to what extent this is trolling the masses for personal amusement; she had an interview with John Friend in August 2014 and came across as normal.[8]


  • Black Nazis! (2009)
  • Hitler's Most Significant Speech: The Fuehrer Addresses Officers and Generals at Platterhof (2009)
  • Warwolves of the Iron Cross: A New Look at Hitler's Armed Forces (2010)
  • Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Swastika and Scimitar: Brothers in Arms (2011)
  • Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Hyenas of High Finance (2011)
  • Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Union Jackal (2012)
  • Black Nazis II! Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners in Hitler's Armed Forces (2012)
  • Hitler & Himmler Uncensored (2012)
  • World Freemasonry Unveiled (2013)
  • The Controversy of Black Nazis II (2013)
  • The Other Nazis (2013)
  • Managing Our Perception of the Third Reich: An Historiographical Challenge (2013)
  • Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Albion and Zion United (2013)
  • Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Black Wolf, White Reich (2013)
  • Truth for Germany: An Interview (2014)

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