The Key to the Mystery

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Postcard used by Arcand's movement

The Key to the Mystery later subtitled The Key to the Mystery of the Jewish Question as Exposed and Explained by the Jews Themselves was a popular booklet on a claimed Jewish Conspiracy. The publication was first issued in 1934 by Canadian nationalist Adrien Arcand and believed to have been written by Dr. Gabriel Lambert. By 1937 over two million copies were in print with both an English and French editon.[1] The French edition was issued under the imprint Ligue feminine anti-communiste de Montréal (Montreal Women's Anti-Communist League). One critic called it one of “the most vicious defamation of the Jewish people ever published in Canada."

In the 1950s the publication Women’s Voice reprinted The Key to the Mystery. In South Africa both English and Afrikaans versions achieved wide circulation. Around 1970 the Christian Educational Association--the publisher of the tabloid newspaper Common Sense--reprinted The Key to the Mystery document as a 16-page small print paper. That reissue can now be read from the FBI files.[2]

In the actually title, the word "Key" is omitted but replaced with an image of a key.


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