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Common Sense was a nationalist newspaper founded by Conde McGinley in New Jersey. The paper was subtitled The Nation’s Anti-Communist Newspaper and was issued semi-monthly from June 1947 till 1972. The publication was previously called Think Weekly.

McGinley formed the Loyal American Group primarily as a way for the distribution of his newspaper. In 1970 the paper had 23,000 paid subscribers and a total circulation of 32,000.[1] Reportedly McGinley claimed 600 Catholic priests were on the paper’s mailing list.[2]


The paper took the traditional anti-communist stance during the Cold War until 1952 when Jews were prosecuted for treason in Prague, Czechoslovakia. From that point the paper became pro-Soviet seeing the Soviet Union as an opponent of International World Jewry.[3] Similarly around this time the closely affiliated National Renaissance Party adopted a pro-Soviet position.


Common Sense helped to introduce American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell to the Jewish conspiracy.

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