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E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones (born 4 May 1948) is an American writer, former professor, media commentator and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine (formerly Fidelity Magazine). He has written widely on the sexual revolution, capitalism, the history of the Catholic Church and its relation to Jews as well as on wider cultural issues.


After growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jones fell away from his Catholic Faith, and became immersed in the counterculture of the 1960s. He found little satisfaction after leaving his faith, and eventually returned to it after reading The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton. Jones then obtained his Ph.D. from Temple University and began to teach at Saint Mary's College. To Jones' displeasure, he found this college to be what he considered to be "the antithesis of what a Catholic college should be", being champions of abortion, radical feminism and secular humanism.

He made little effort to conceal his views, leading to conflicts with many faculty, his department and eventually the college's president. He was fired in 1981 for anti-abortion views. Thereafter, he started a magazine first known as Fidelity and later as Culture Wars, that "set out to explore the disarray in the Catholic Church that led to his firing. Over the course of the next few years, Jones and a host of like-minded writers began to uncover the sad story of the subversion of the Catholic faith at the hands of fellow Catholics in the years following the Second Vatican Council."

In February 2008, a complaint of antisemitism (from the Southern Poverty Law Center) caused the School of Architecture at The Catholic University of America to cancel a lecture series in which Jones was scheduled to speak.[1]


  • Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control (1999)
  • The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing (2005)
  • The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History (2008)
  • Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury (2014)
  • Jewish Privilege (2019)
  • Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality (2020)

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