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Karl Maria Wiligut (10 December 1866 – 3 January 1946), also known as Weisthor, Jarl Widar, and Lobesam, was an Austrian military and SS officer and an esotericist / occultist.

During World War I, Wiligut served at the southern and eastern fronts and was decorated for gallantry. In 1917, he was promoted to colonel, having started his military career as a conscript at age 17. After almost 40 years in military service, he retired in 1919 with an impeccable record, having received many awards and decorations.

Wikipedia states that his wife blamed him for poverty and had him committed to a mental hospital in 1924. His medical record claims violence at home, including threats to kill his wife, grandiose projects, eccentric behavior and occult interests. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and megalomania. He was declared legally incompetent by a Salzburg court and committed to a Salzburg asylum, where he remained until 1927. In 1932, he left his wife and family, and emigrated from Austria to Germany, residing in Munich. Some questionable claims regarding Wiligut may possibly originate from his wife.

He is described as supporting a form of Ariosophy or to have been inspired by it, but he rejected aspects such as List's rune system, instead supporting his own rune system. He is described as claiming to be heir to an ancient tradition of Irminism and bearer of a secret line of German kingship.

in 1933, he became a member of the SS to head a Department for Pre- and Early History which was created for him within the SS Race and Settlement Main Office (RuSHA). In 1935, he was transferred to Berlin to serve on Himmler's personal staff. After the SS learned of his earlier involuntary commitment to a mental institution, Wiligut "retired" in 1939.

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