National Socialism and occultism

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National Socialist Germany
Adolf Hitler
Allied psychological warfare
Book burning/censorship
and National Socialist Germany
Claimed mass killings of Germans
by the WWII Allies
Claimed mass killings of non-Jews
by National Socialist Germany
Clean Wehrmacht
Degenerate art
Master race
National Socialism and occultism
National Socialist Germany
and forced labor
National Socialist Germany
and partisans/resistance movements
National Socialist Germany revisionism
National Socialist Germany's
nuclear weapons program
Night of the Long Knives
Nuremberg trials
Revisionist views on
the causes of the World Wars
Soviet offensive plans controversy
Superior orders
The Holocaust
The World Wars and mass starvation‎
Black Sun symbol in the Wewelsburg Castle, sometimes alleged to have been an important SS occult location, despite it being unclear when the symbol was installed and if it had any special significance during the National Socialist period.

Especially in fictional depictions, National Socialism is often linked to occultism and pre-Christian/pagan traditions, usually in politically correct media in a way that creates negative impressions. There are various criticisms of such politically correct views. See the "External links" section.

Popularity in the entertainment media

Especially strongly is this image presented in entertainment media. The subject of National Socialist occultism comes over and over again in various novels, films, and computer games. Typical for this are the first and third Indiana Jones films. Another example is the computer game "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".

Esoteric Hitlerism

Esoteric Hitlerism was developed after WWII and is associated with the writings of Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, and others.

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