National Socialist Germany revisionism

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National Socialist Germany
Adolf Hitler
Allied psychological warfare
Book burning/censorship
and National Socialist Germany
Claimed mass killings of Germans
by the WWII Allies
Claimed mass killings of non-Jews
by National Socialist Germany
Clean Wehrmacht
Degenerate art
Foreign military volunteers
and National Socialist Germany
Master race
National Socialism and occultism
National Socialist Germany
and forced labor
National Socialist Germany
and partisans/resistance movements
National Socialist Germany revisionism
National Socialist Germany's
nuclear weapons program
Night of the Long Knives
Nuremberg trials
Revisionist views on
the causes of the World Wars
Soviet offensive plans controversy
Superior orders
The Holocaust
The World Wars and mass starvation‎

National Socialist Germany revisionism is most well-known for Holocaust revisionism, but revisionists have criticized many other aspects of the politically correct view on National Socialist Germany.

Such revisionists must not necessarily agree with one another, must not necessarily think that every aspect of the mainstream view on National Socialist Germany is incorrect, must not necessarily be uncritical of National Socialist Germany, and must not necessarily be National Socialists themselves.

Many aspects of the politically correct view on National Socialist Germany (not just the Holocaust) are considered to be official "Truths" that in some countries are forbidden from being freely discussed and researched. Thus, so called "Holocaust denial" laws may actually forbid all discussion and research that criticize any of the alleged crimes of National Socialist Germany.

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