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Historical revisionism refers to revisions of official or 'received' portrayals of past history.


Revisionism is the effort to correct the historical record in the light of a more complete collection of historical facts, the critical, scholarly examination of official or orthodox history, especially of the origins and consequences of the two world wars. Prof. Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, one of the most influential historical revisionists, wrote in an 1958 essay:

"Revisionism implies an honest search for historical truth and the discrediting of misleading myths that are a barrier to peace and goodwill among nations. In the minds of anti-Revisionists, the term savors of malice, vindictiveness, and an unholy desire to smear the saviors of mankind. Actually, Revisionism means nothing more or less than the effort to correct the historical record in the light of a more complete collection of historical facts, a more calm political atmosphere, and a more objective attitude. It has been going on ever since Lorenzo Valla (1407–1457) exposed the forged Donation of Constantine, which was a cornerstone of the papal claim to secular power, and he later called attention to the unreliable methods of Livy in dealing with early Roman history. Indeed, the Revisionist impulse long antedated Valla, and it has been developing ever since that time. It had been employed in American history long before the term came into rather general use following the first World War."[1]

The 20th century has seen the very worst kinds of "history" published. With two major world wars it was important that the perpetrators justified why millions of people had died. To do this saw the emergence of "victors' history" which was grounded in the propaganda leading up to the two big wars, broadcasted and published during those wars, and since. In addition, World War II saw as one of the Allies, the Soviet Union. As a totalitarian state answerable to no-one, their NKVD produced tens of thousands of forged documents and photographs, all incriminating their enemies. Many if not most of these have been republished since 1945 as genuine.

Holocaust revisionism is obviously one of the glaring subjects which needs greater research and discussion but many countries refuse to permit this and have criminalised those who engage in it. Obviously any "history" which has to be enforced with a jail sentence for those who question it, is suspect.

Since 1945, the USA and their proxy force NATO have engaged in criminal activities and wars across the globe. They have invaded, bombed and destroyed a number of countries killing millions. Their 'official' histories are a tawdry read. Historical revisionism, therefore, has much work to do.

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