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Clean Wehrmacht is the view that the Wehrmacht (the German armed forces) was largely innocent of National Socialist Germany's claimed crimes, argued to have been committed mainly by the NSDAP and subordinate organizations, such as the SS.

It is not a variant of Holocaust revisionism, since while Holocaust revisionists dispute some of the alleged crimes, Holocaust revisionists also state that there were persecutions of Jews, and the allegations against the Wehrmatch also include crimes against non-Jews.

Supporters of Clean Wehrmacht revisionism must not be supporters of other forms of National Socialist Germany revisionism, and supporters of some other form(s) of National Socialist Germany revisionism must not be supporters of Clean Wehrmacht revisionism.

There are also various related discussions involving the Wehrmacht's conduct, and the conduct of others against the Wehrmacht, during and after the war.

Supporters and critics

The Clean Wehrmacht view has been supported by, for example, former Wehrmacht personnel, who had a strong personal interest in distancing themselves from everything NSDAP, especially any claimed crimes.

Anti-Clean Wehrmacht has been supported by, for example, individuals and groups having an interest in depicting everything Germany and Germans did negatively, for propaganda purposes, with motivations which may be similar to those described in Holocaust motivations: Argued exploitation.

Rommel legend or myth

A related discussion is regarding Wehrmacht commander Erwin Rommel's reputation. This involves not just claimed German crimes, but also aspects such as Rommel's reputation as military commander.

The Wehrmacht, the German resistance, and losing the war

Some Wehrmacht supporters may argue that the Wehrmacht was not to blame for Germany's defeat, blaming this on causes such as Hitler's leadership.

Another view is that Wehrmacht members of the German resistance had a major role in Germany losing the war. See National Socialist Germany and partisans/resistance movements: Internal German resistance movements.

Claimed crimes against the Wehrmacht

Another aspect is various claimed crimes against the Wehrmacht, such as by partisans. See National Socialist Germany and partisans/resistance movements and the "External links" section there.

See the articles on Claimed mass killings of Germans by the WWII Allies and Gulag on Wehrmacht POWs in Allied captivity.

Clean Waffen-SS

A different, but related, view is that the Waffen-SS was largely innocent of claimed crimes committed by other parts of the SS.

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