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Alfred Rosenberg

Alfred Ernst Rosenberg (12 January 1893 - 16 October 1946) was an intellectually influential member of the NSDAP and a key National Socialist ideologue. His most important work was The Myth of the Twentieth Century. He also held several important posts in National Socialist Germany, such as by 1941 the responsibility for setting up the civil administration of the occupied Russian and Baltic territories and serving as "Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories".

After the war, he was a defendant at the International Military Tribunal. He was executed in 1946. During his trial, he allegedly wrote his memoirs, which were published posthumously. His diary was stolen by the notorious Jewish prosecutor Robert Kempner and went missing until 2013.

Conventional and politically correct descriptions of Rosenberg's life are easily found in numerous online sources. This article will instead describe some less politically correct views on Rosenberg.

Rosenberg and the Holocaust

Rosenberg is claimed to have been closely involved in many aspects of the Holocaust. He maintained a diary that was recovered in 2013. Revisionist Richard A. Widmann in an article in Inconvenient History stated that "In fact, had the Holocaust occurred as generally understood and as relayed through many books, films, and museums, the Rosenberg Diary should have contained a wealth of horrifying discoveries. One might have even expected a philosophical defense of the policies that led to mass extermination. But the diary contains no such evidence. There is no justification of brutal policies; in fact, there is no mention of an order for extermination. There is no mention of gas chambers. There is no suggestion that Rosenberg was even aware of such policies."[1]

Similarly, a politically correct author of a book on the diary has stated that "There is no place in the diary where we have Rosenberg or Hitler saying that the Jews should be exterminated,”... “All it said was ‘move them out of Europe.’"[2]

Non-revisionists have sometimes cited a statement on "the biological eradication of the entirety of Jewry", made by Rosenberg at a briefing to the German press on 19 November 1941. Revisionists have disputed the translation and larger context of this and argued that a more correct translation and context is that Rosenberg stated that "In the east some six million Jew still live, and this question can only be solved by the biological extirpation of the whole of Jewry in Europe. The Jewish question will be solved for Germany only when the last Jew has left German territory and for Europe when no single Jew remains on the European continent up to the Urals. [...] for this purpose it is necessary to push them over the Ural or somehow else to extirpation."[3][4]

Revisionists have also questioned the authenticity of this document, since it was allegedly "discovered" by the argued generally suspect Robert Kempner, strange and illogical claims being made in the document, and Kempner making strange claims, such as at the press conference supposedly "nobody was allowed to write down" what Rosenberg stated.[5]

Controversial documents associated with Rosenberg's "Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories" and Rosenberg's subordinates and which were presented as evidence during Holocaust trials were stolen and "processed" by the YIVO organization.[6] See also the article on YIVO.

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The thought of a physical annihilation of Slavs and Jews, that is to say, the actual murder of entire peoples, has never entered my mind and I most certainly did not advocate it in any way. I was of the opinion that the existing Jewish question would have to be solved by the creation of a minority right, by emigration, or by settling the Jews in a national territory over a ten-year period of time.
—Alfred Rosenberg, statement at the International Military Tribunal.[2]

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