The Myth of the Twentieth Century

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The Myth of the Twentieth Century (German: Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts) is a 1930 book by Alfred Rosenberg. It was intended to be a sequel to the 1899 book The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century and included views by Rosenberg on (the history of) race, Jews, and religion, among other topics.

The book became a bestseller. Rosenberg was later awarded the first State Prize for Art and Science. The official document accompanying the prize "expressly praises Rosenberg as a 'person who has, in a scientific and penetrating manner, laid the firm foundation for an understanding of the ideological bases of National Socialism.'"

Leftist Wikipedia, however, cites (postwar) claims that NSDAP leaders (including Hitler) did not read or were critical of the book and Rosenberg, even alleging that none of the NSDAP leaders interviewed by Gustave Gilbert during the Nuremberg trials had read Rosenberg's writings, although such claims my problematic for reasons such as Allied psychological warfare.

Many early criticisms were regarding its criticisms of many forms of Christianity, the Catholic Church in particular.

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