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Hermann Rauschning (August 7, 1887 – February 8, 1982) was a German Conservative Revolutionary who briefly joined the NSDAPs before breaking with them. He was a party leader in Danzig. In 1934, he renounced his party membership and defected to the United States where he denounced National Socialism. Rauschning is chiefly known for his book Gespräche mit Hitler (Conversations with Hitler), US title Voice of Destruction, UK title Hitler Speaks, in which he claimed to have many meetings and conversations with Hitler. This work has been proven by historians to be fraudulent and composed of conversations which never occurred.

Many false quotations involving Hitler are from the book or derived from it.[1]

He also authored Revolution of Nihilism.

Hermann Rauschning was a star witness for the prosecution in the Great Sedition Trial.[2]

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