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The Landig Group, formed in 1950, was a group that first gathered for discussions at the studio of the designer and stated former SS member Wilhelm Landig (1909–1997). It has also been referred to as the Landig Circle, Vienna Group, and Vienna Lodge.

Landig's "Thule trilogy", consisting of three (science) fiction novels, where Landig told the readers that this was a "novel based on realities", are claimed to have been influential.

The group is claimed to have been very influential on later allegedly völkisch-associated esoteric views, such as the Black Sun as a mystical energy source, Thule, Atlantis, secret racial doctrines from Tibet, secret National Socialist bases in the Arctic and Antarctica, and "Nazi UFOs". Claimed influences include Julius Evola and especially Herman Wirth.

As politically correct descriptions regarding alleged associations between National Socialism and topics such as occultism and science fiction are often problematic, there may be various problems with the politically correct descriptions regarding the Landig Group and its claimed influence.

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