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Samisdat Publishers, Ltd. was a small Canadian publishing house, owned and operated by Ernst Zündel, a noted Holocaust revisionist, during the 1980s and 1990s.

The name was taken from samizdat, a practice in the former Soviet bloc countries of covertly distributing documents that would have been impossible to publish openly due to Communist censorship.

Most of the books and other writings published by Samisdat Publishers were associated in some way or another with Holocaust revisionism or esoteric aspects of National Socialist Germany, such as claimed UFOs.

The latter aspect has been used to criticize the Holocaust revisionist arguments by guilt by association. Zündel has stated that "by then, I was phasing out this rather frivolous line of books. My UFO booklets were in those days only used by me to generate interest for more serious interviews on the post World War II lies of the "death camps" like Auschwitz, a concentration camp that was, in fact, a war production center. I was beginning to concentrate on far more serious topics involving Holocaust revisionism" and "In fact, a lot of my subsequent Holocaust trials were partially paid for by UFO trinkets and donations by fervent supporters who believed in those Nazi UFO stories."[1]

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  1. The Hacienda Dignidad Saga As Told By Ernst Zundel
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