The Six Million Swindle

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The Six Million Swindle is a 1973 pamphlet on the alleged Holocaust written by professor Austin J. App. In the publication App declares the eight axioms of holocaust revisionism.

  1. Emigration, not extermination, was the German National Socialist plan for dealing with Germany’s Jewish problem.
  2. No Jews were gassed in any German concentration camps and probably not at Auschwitz either.
  3. Jews who disappeared during the years of World War II and have not been accounted for did so in territories under Soviet, rather than German, control.
  4. The majority of Jews who were killed by the Axis forces were people whom the Axis forces had every right to "execute" as subversives, spies, and criminals.
  5. If the Holocaust claims have any truth, Israel would have opened its archives to historians.
  6. All evidence to support the "hoax" of six million dead rests upon misquotes of national socialists and national socialist documents.
  7. It is incumbent upon the accusers to prove the six million figure.
  8. Jewish historians and other scholars have great discrepancies in their calculations of the number of victims. (App 1973, 1977).

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