The Myth of the Six Million

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The Myth of the Six Million was one of the first works challenging the claims of the alleged "Holocaust". The short booklet which appeared in 1969 had an anonymous author but was apparently written by history professor David L. Hoggan. Noontide Press published Hoggan's work without his permission.[1]

"The Myth Of The Six Million was a private manuscript that Hoggan did not intend for publication and it was done without his permission. There are errors which Arthur Butz noted but there is also much valuable material therein. [...] In a lengthy discussion I had with David Hoggan on the Stanford campus in January, 1973 he made it very plain that his monograph was a rough first draft only and was not to be published until he could provide full documentation".[2]

The more well-known book Did Six Million Really Die? has been stated to be largely a republication of The Myth of the Six Million.[3]

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