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The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church.

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As is the case for many other churches, the Catholic Church has become increasingly politically correct on various issues. An important event regarding this was the Second Vatican Council.

The Catholic Church is headed by the pope, who is also the ruler of the Vatican City, a small country within Rome, Italy. Pope Francis is the current pope, supporting various politically correct positions, such as the mass immigration to Europe and the United States.

Traditional Catholics criticize the Second Vatican Council. Sedevacantists view the position of pope as vacant since the Second Vatican Council.

Once Catholics were almost exclusively Whites, but now many Catholics are non-Whites and with this increasing rapidly during the last century.

Catholic priests must be celibate, which has been argued to have contributed to dysgenics.

Another controversy is regarding Homosexuality and the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church was and is an influential opponent to birth control, which earlier has been argued to counter-act dysgenics among Europeans, as discussed in the article on dysgenics, but that now contributes to the rapid population growth of non-Whites in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa. See also White demographics.

Freemasonry has had an antagonistic relationship with the Catholic Church, which still prohibits its members from being Freemasons.

The relationship between Judaism and the Catholic Chuch is complex, with frequent accusations of anti-Semitism, although the Catholic Chuch generally gave Judaism a special exemption by allowing it to continue to exist instead of prohibiting it when it had the power to do so, as was the case for all other non-Christian religions and perceived Christian heresies. Regarding some of the controversies, see the articles on:

Kevin MacDonald has argued that the Catholic Church in part arouse as an anti-Jewish movement due to resource competition between Jews and non-Jews and in response to the Jewish group evolutionary strategy.[1][2]

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