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I am an American of English, Scots-Irish and Swedish descent. My degree is in Political Science. I have been following politics since 1968. I am a former member of the National Alliance.

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Create and develop articles, part 2

  • The Swastika and The Maple Leaf (1975)
  • None is Too Many by University of Toronto historians Irving Abella and Harold Troper (1983)
  • Australia and the Jews by L.P. Fox; with a foreword by Maurice Blackburn
  • Evil Elders of Zion: A Call to Repentance by J.N. Sturk, Winnipeg, Man.: Berean Bible & Tract Depot, [1934]
  • Out of their own mouths: the Jewish will for power and the authenticity of the "Protocols" by American Nationalist Press (1938)
  • For united action in the struggle against anti-Semitism and fascism Jewish Peoples Committee (1937)
  • Americanism versus Dictatorship by Loren Thomas, Publisher: Rockaway, Oregon: Western Committee of American Patriots, [1939?]
  • The Case for Australians: What the newspapers do not tell us: a book for Britons
  • The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction, and Domination by Deanna Spingola
  • "Why Anti-Judaism is Justified?". Three pamphlets, No. 2, "The Mystery of Jewish circumcision", Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : Patriotic Publishing, [1936]
  • For Britain Editorial note signed: Guy N. Andrews, Publisher: Southend-on-Sea (Essex) : Published for the Anonymous Group by H.F. Lucas, [1939]
  • The hidden hand of Judah: key to present day's muddle by Good, O. B. (Orville Brisbane), Based on the book: "The fight of the dark powers" by the Russian author N. E. Markoff". Publisher: Erfurt, Germany : World-Service Pub. House, [1936?]
  • Political Integrity League (British, 1930s)
  • At last - the truth! : who started the World War II? ... and when? : Mr. Untermeyer answers the questions
  • The program of confusion: the world's greatest racket!
  • Racketeers of Hatred: Julius Streicher and the Jew-baiters' International by Louis W. Bondy (1946)
  • The Aryan myth: a history of racist and nationalist ideas in Europe / by Leon Poliakov; translated [from the French MS.] by Edmund Howard
  • To-day's greatest problem / by A.N. Field.
  • The paradox of hate : a study in ritual murder by Morton Irving Seiden
  • Anti-Semitism : the voice of folly and fanaticism by Amos I. Dushaw
  • Jews in a gentile world: the problem of anti-Semitism by Isacque Graeber and Steuart Henderson Britt
  • Overcoming anti-Semitism by Solomon Andhil Fineberg
  • Thus speaks the Talmud; the case of Judahism vs. Christianity with evidence from the Jewish rabbi scriptures published by Twentieth Century Crusaders (1930s)
  • Civil Rights and Race Relations Collections
  • Seth David Ryan, (born ca. 1939) Captain and National Organizer (ANP, ca. 1962)
  • antisemitic terrorist Tacuara movement in Argentina
  • "Where Black Rules White A Journey About And Across Hayti" by Hesketh Pritchard (1900)
  • "The Great Jewish Conspiracy", "The Jewish Question", "England Under The Jews", "The Choice Of The Jews", "The Jewish Peril Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion", "Judas Iscariot", "The 100 Families That Rule The Empire", (with fold-out chart), "Truth About The Jews", "Our Lords and Masters", and "Esther The Gentile".
  • Australian National Socialist Journal
  • Wilbur Keegan was an attorney for the German American Bund (New Jersey?)

Hugh G. Grant (GA) S

James Clise (WA) S

Ethel T. Crookes (NY) S, M, $26C

Charles J. Dommer (NY) S, $4C

Ernest Elmhurst (NY) = S, $4C

Conrad Grieb (NY) $16C

Charles Smith (NY) $5C

Fred Weiss (NY) $1000C

Create and develop articles, part 8

  • White nationalists: Edward R. Fields, J.B. Stoner, Cecil Cox, Marion Francis "Frank" Shirley, David Wayne Holland, Richard Barrett, Gene Hall, Jimmy Wynn, Lee Bates, Mark Lane Watts, Richard Ford, Mike Eddington, Jerry Lord, Don Willard Sanders, Robert "Bobby" Starnes, Willis, Cecil Reese, Steve Anderson, Avery Coors, Alan Varner, Gary Simms, Randall Wiley Smith, Richard Pounder, Danny/David Satterfield, Bill Roland, Tim McDonald, Vinnie, Charles Lee, James Rudeseal, James Farrands, Danny Carver, Darlene Carver, Reuben Edward Stephens Jr., Jim Blair, Loren Lowdermilk, Mary Chadwick, "Big Bill" Hendrix, Elmer Holland, James and Marilyn Spivey, Louis Ray Beam Jr., Hamilton Hogg, Danny Carver, K.A. Badynski, James Burford, Richard Butler, Jeff Shumate, Donnie Adams, Don Black, John Albert Land, James Brown, Greg Walker, Gordon Miller, Chris Webb, David McAndrews, Keith Smith, Robert Miles, Ron Doggett, Gordon Ipock, Willis Carto, William Shearer, Louis Baxter, Stanley McCollum, David Craig, Jarah Crawford, Ed Fields, Shade Miller, Carroll Crawford, Virgil Griffin, Gary Gallo, Joe Greco, Darlene Carver, Alan Werner, Dave Holland, Scott Shepard, Matt Malone, Art Jones, Kirk Lyons, Terry Boyce, Robert McCurry, Tom Metzger, Paul Hollis, William Pierce, Tony Butler, Jackie Quinn, Don Romine, Maureen Salaman, Tupper Saussy, David Bradshaw, Keith Smith, John Stanring, Randall Wiley Smith, James Spivey, Charlie Tate, Will Williams, Ronnie Vining, Ralph Mask, Amy Wharton, Jim Yarborough, John Ingram, Robert Brannen Sr., Darvin Purcell, Kelly Durden, Jack Poole, Ray Harrelson, Bobby Norton, Randall Smith, Matt Kuhnen, Gerhardt Lauck, Sam Dickson, John Tyndall, Bob Weems, Jerry Lord, Robert Campeau, John McLaughlin, Dave Mehus
  • Carlos Boinguies and Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Real Caouette, the Quebec Social Credit Party leader (ca. 1962)
  • ANP Stormtroopers Bernard Cook, Bernard Davids, Edward Kester, Robert Sharp, and Paul Unrig arrested in Philadelphia (ca. 1962)
  • Other Stormtroopers Roger Foss, (born ca. 1928) and Gene Shalander (born ca. 1939) protesting in Miami
  • Black Shirt Legion Camp Dux in New Jersey
  • National Council of Jewish Communists US group 1930s
  • Norman Jacques, Canadian nationalist (1940s?)
  • M.P. Wetaskawin, Canadian nationalist (1940s?)
  • Friends of New Germany leader Sepp Schuster
  • American National Socialist Party headed by Hale McGee
  • Christian Vikings of America Indianapolis, IN (1970s)
  • Allen, Jerry, State Secretary of the United Klans of America, Inc., Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, S.C. Realm, 1981-1982
  • Craighead III, General Robert A., member of the Florida Militia and the White Christian Intelligence Network (CIN), 1970-1971
  • D'Latte, Allen, Grand Setron of the Fraternal Order of the Ku Klux Klan, 1971
  • Gayer, Dixon, editor and publisher of The Dixon Line, 1970-1971
  • Gerhardt II, John W., Party President of the American White Nationalist Party, Columbus, Ohio, 1973
  • Kidd, W. J., Grand Dragon of the United Klans of America, Inc., Louisiana State Office, 1970-1971
  • McMullen, Bob, Imperial Kladd of the Aryan Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, 1967, 1972
  • Odovakar, A., Chieftain of the Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Ontario, 1972
  • Renko, Angelo J., President of the Aryan Knights Motorcycle Club, 1972
  • Stasek, George, member of the Aryan Citizens of America, Los Angeles, California, 1971
  • Thompson, A. Roswell, Imperial Wizard of the Fraternal Order of the Ku Klux Klan, 1971
  • Veh, Russell R., Founder of the American White Nationalist Party, 1971
  • Horace King, Grand Dragon of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina
  • Joseph Denton "Jay" Miller's Reb-Rebel and Reb-Time record labels
  • G. L. Rockwell and the Coon Hunters, "We Don't Want No Niggers For Neighbors" /"Who Needs a Nigger," 1964
  • Walter Bradley National Renaissance Party speaker
  • Paul Joachim National Renaissance Party member
  • Speros Lagoulis of Boston, JBS and ANP supporter
  • Herbert R. Whitlock and Ross H. Currie of Industrial Defense Association
  • John Clarke-Goldthorpe of British Vigil
  • US General George S. Brown comments on the Jews (1970s)
  • "The War Lords of Washington (Secrets of Pearl Harbor): An Interview with Col. Curtis Dall" (Liberty Bell Publications, 1972) by Anthony J. Hilder.
  • leaders of Teutonia Association
  • 1936 KKK book by Emerson H. Loucks
  • Theodore Dinkelacker, Bund youth leader
  • Josef Belohlavek, Cleveland German American Bund notable
Original Ku Klux Klan of America Inc., leader Houston P. Morris (early 1965)

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  • German Authorities Start Investigation of Anti-semitic Editor