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Ward Kendall novels

  • Eternity Beach [epic race war novel]
  • Fast Times At Cultural Marxist High [SJW teacher vs alt-right high school kids]
  • Hold Back This Day [last whites on Earth battle non-whites]
  • The Towers of Eden [concentration camps USA]
  • Beyond This Horizon - A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow [white nationalist non-fiction]

Harold Covington novels

  • The March Up Country [political polemic actually]
  • The Stars in Their Path: A Novel of Reincarnation
  • Other Voices, Darker Rooms: Eight Grim Tales
  • Dreaming the Iron Dream [political polemic]
  • The Renegade
  • Bonnie Blue Murder: A Civil War Murder Mystery
  • Rose of Honor
  • Revelation 9
  • The Black Flame
  • Fire and Rain
  • A Slow Coming Dark
  • White Book [political polemic regarding North West migration, i.e. 'The Butler Plan']

The Northwest Novels [also by Harold Covington]:

  • The Hill of the Ravens (2004)
  • A Mighty Fortress (2005)
  • A Distant Thunder (2006)
  • The Brigade (2008)
  • Freedom's Sons (2014)

Southern nationalist and Neo-Confederate novels

Thomas Dixon Jr. novels [Dixon should be considered the Father of WN fiction]:

  • The Leopard's Spots (1903)
  • The Clansman (1905)
  • The Traitor: A Novel of the Invisible Empire (1907)
  • Comrades (1909) [part of his so-called 'Socialist Trilogy' also consisting of 'The One Woman' (1903) and 'The Root of Evil' (1911)]
  • The Flaming Sword (1939)

Thomas Nelson Page [co-founder of Scribner's, Page and Sons - native of Virginia, author of "The Uncle Remus Tales, aka "Songs of the South" and publisher of Thomas Dixon Jr.]

  • Red Rock: A Chronicle of Reconstruction by Thomas Nelson Page (1922)
  • The Red Riders by Thomas Nelson Page (1925) [Page's novels are not as lurid in their attacks on blacks but still worthwhile for WNs - especially if they are of a neo-Confederate mindset]

Neo-Confederate Novels [along with the above cited 'The Third Revolution' quartet by Gregory Kay, there are:

  • The Unlifted Curse by Emory Burke (1992)
  • The Last Confederate Flag by Lloyd Lennard (2000)
  • Bedford: A World Vision by Ellen Williams (2000) [depending on how one defines 'white nationalism', Williams' book would fit perfectly within the neo-Confederate milieu of WN. Warning: the novel is very pro-Christian]

Southern nationalist and Redeemer novels [besides Ruffin's novel of 1860, these novels were published during the KKK craze of the 1880s-1900]:

  • Anticipations of the Future: To Serve As Lessons for the Present by Edmund Ruffin (1860)
  • Well-Nigh Recontructed by Brimsley Matthews (1882) - Matthews was a Republican supporter who became disillusioned with the Republicans during Reconstruction. In a way, this novel is autobiographical.
  • Thorns in the Flesh by N. J. Floyd (1884) - Floyd was a former Captain in the Confederate army - the writing in the novel is rather strange to modern readers but it can prove rewarding
  • Ku Klux Klan, No. 40: A Novel by Jerome Thomas (1895) - Thomas' father was also another veteran of the Confederate army [though not of the Klan from what Thomas states in his 'Introduction' to the novel]

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