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Harold Covingston.

Harold Armstead Covington (born September 14, 1953 in Burlington, North Carolina - died 17 July 2018) was an American white nationalist, political activist and novelist. He was the official spokesperson of the Northwest Front which advocates the creation of a new nation, a white Republic in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States as a sanctuary to prevent the extinction of North American whites.

Political activities

Eric Thomson and Harold Covington in Rhodesia.

Covington joined the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) while in the U.S. Army in 1972, then moved to South Africa, and later to Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe). Covington was introduced to Eric Thomson by a British intelligence agent and together they founded the Rhodesian White People's Party. Covington was deported from Rhodesia in 1976.

After returning from Rhodesia he joined the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) under the half-Jewish Frank Collin where he would defend and obfuscate Collin's Jewish background.[1] In 1980, while leader of the party, he lost a primary election for the Republican nomination for candidates for attorney general of North Carolina. While head of the NSPA, Covington claimed that would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley had been a member of the NSPA, but this claim was dismissed as a publicity-stunt.[2] Covington resigned from the NSPA in April 1981.

Covington later settled in the United Kingdom.


British National Front leader John Tyndall claimed that Covington engaged in defamation of fellow nationalists—for which he was well known—including accusations against National Alliance founder Dr. William Pierce.[3]

In 1996 Covington began using the name National Socialist White People's Party in conjunction with a Web site. Covington had to stop using the name when he was sued for copyright infringement by the George Lincoln Rockwell Foundation, Inc. Covington's NSWPP website is now defunct.

In the 1990s Covington wrote under the alias "Winston Smith" in a newsletter called Resistance, which was most noteworthy for scurrilous defamation of prominent White Nationalists, leading to a successful libel suit against Covington by Will Williams. On December 2, 1999 Covington was sentenced to thirty days incarceration for violating an injunction against making public statements about Will Williams. [4][5] Covington avoided serving the sentence by staying outside of North Carolina.

Internet presence

His original site defined National Socialism as "a world view for White People" and listed guiding principles such as "Racial Idealism" and "The Upward Development of the White Race." The site listed "Ten Basic Principles of National Socialism". Covington also lauded George Lincoln Rockwell at length.

Covington's present site is called "Northwest Front".


Covington is the author of a number of novels. His 1987 book The March Up Country was promoted on the forum of the Dutch political party Nationale Alliantie.

  • The March Up Country
  • The Stars in Their Path: A Novel of Reincarnation
  • Other Voices, Darker Rooms: Eight Grim Tales
  • Dreaming the Iron Dream
  • The Renegade
  • Bonnie Blue Murder: A Civil War Murder Mystery
  • Rose of Honor
  • Revelation 9
  • The Black Flame
  • Fire and Rain
  • A Slow Coming Dark

Northwest Quintet

Covington's five "Northwest" novels, published between 2003 and 2012, present a fictionalized account of the rise of a future "Northwest American Republic". This nation secedes from the United States, ejects all non-white inhabitants from its territory, including Jews, and becomes a regional superpower, defeating US attempts to reconquer it.

  • The Hill of the Ravens (2003)
  • A Distant Thunder (2004)
  • A Mighty Fortress (2005)
  • The Brigade (2008)
  • Freedom's Sons (2011-2012)


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