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The John Franklin Letters is an apocalyptic novel published in the 1959 with a similar appeal and purpose as The Turner Diaries written in the 1970s. Both novels are set a decade or so in the future.


The novel centers around the rise of the United Nations organization becoming a world government having a legislature where the United States has only 37 out of 900 votes.[1] A Soviet occupation of the US happens in 1970. Twenty million Americans are killed in a holocaust; cities are razed with communist nuclear weapons.[2]

In the novel John Franklin and the patriots fight back. From 1972 to 1974 John Franklin engages in the struggle and writes a series of letters to his uncle concerning his activities.[3]


The book was published by Lyle H. Munson and his company Bookmailer, Inc. Munson provided a fictional forward to the book. The novel was published anonymously, but it is likely Revilo P. Oliver wrote the book when he was then associated with the John Birch Society.[4] Oliver is said to have given Dr. William Pierce a copy of the book in 1974 which apparently inspired him to write The Turner Diaries.[5]


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