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Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Alex Kurtagic, Tomislav Sunic
Cover artist Alex Kurtagic
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Dystopian literature
Publisher Iron Sky Publishing
Publication year 2009
Pages 552
ISBN 978-0-9561835-0-7

Mister is the first novel written by Alex Kurtagic, founder of the publisher Wermod & Wermod and published on its imprint Iron Sky Publishing in 2009. The book is 538 pages long, and the foreword is written by Tomislav Sunic. The book can squarely be placed in the dystopian fiction genre, with its bleak outlook on the European future.


The year is 2022 and the main protagonist is an Englishman, aged 52. We never learn his name. He works as an IT-consultant and is on a mission in Spain, where he is to experience adversity of a close to surreal level in his daily dealings. He finds himself in a rapidly crumbling world, where racially based conflicts are common, and the native European population is on a fast track to extinction. Europe is strongly marked by an ageing and childless native White population, whilst a massive non-European population is growing explosively both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Civil liberties are rather like a distant memory by now, and most laws are somehow involved in anti-racism (something only involving alleged racism from Europeans directed at innocent non-Europeans). The main protagonist gets to experience being robbed, attacked and eventually thrown in jail due to accusations of racism after attempting to defend himself against a murderous cabdriver. He also experiences that in certain trials "the truth is no defence", and the judicial process is naught but a farce intent on getting the accused to admit the most horrible of crimes: racism against non-Europeans. Various well-known and more obscure public and historical figures roam around in this dystopian vision of the future, among others Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tomislav Sunic and Troy Southgate appear at various stages of the plot.

From the dust jacket

A status-conscious IT consultant travels to Madrid for a week of meetings at Scoptic, who have hired him to implement a fiendishly arcane accounting system equipped with artificial intelligence, in an effort to keep the company one step ahead of the government's rapacious tax authorities. Renowned within the catacombs of the scientific community, and with an impressive publishing record in the most prestigious trade and academic journals, he expects to do serious business with a serious organisation. The only problem is that he lives in a hot, overcrowded world where nothing works: hyperinflation, crumbling infrastructure, rampant crime, political correctness, corruption at all levels, and a new world order globalist government, determined to regulate, monitor, and tax every aspect of a person's life; opposed to the forces of totalitarian democracy are occult underground movements, most notably the Esoteric Hitlerists. As a result, nothing goes according to plan, and frustrations mount as things go only from bad to worse... In his first novel, Alex Kurtagic presents a grim and sarcastic depiction of the everyday consequences of living in a world where present social, cultural, economic, political, and demographic trends have been allowed to continue unabated. The novel is replete with obscure information and modern heretics, its elegant prose losing the reader in its bizarre logic, delirious paranoia, and meandering speculations, where nothing - and nobody - is what it seems.
—From the book's dust jacket

Publication data

Mister, Alex Kurtagic, 2009, Iron Sky Publishing., ISBN 978-0-9561835-0-7

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