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Anti-racism refers to opposition to "racism".

Organized anti-racism

The term often more narrowly refers to certain forms of organized "anti-racism", such as by "anti-racist" organizations or by the state through "anti-racist" laws.

In practice, this organized "anti-racism" is often anti-White and only or predominantly directed at Whites. This has been described as "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White". See The Mantra.

"Anti-racist" organizations are often also pro-mass immigration and pro-multiculturalism.

They rarely protest against racism by minorities, or against racism in non-White countries, and rarely advocate for mass immigration to, and multiculturalism, in non-White countries.

Inspired by the Jewish Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism more generally, the organized "anti-racism" often try to control, change, and censor the culture and the language.

These organized forms of "anti-racism" are often organized by far-left groups, such as by communist/social anarchist groups and often have a large over-representation of minorities such as Jews. They often have connections to lobby organizations for the self-interests of non-White groups.

Organized criminality and violence

"Anti-racist" and usually far left organizations such as antifa have extensively used criminality and violence in order to try to silence pro-Europeans, including persons/organizations who only peacefully object to the mass immigration. These activities are often to varying degrees censored in the politically correct media.

The term "Racism"

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Arguments regarding the existence of races

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Race denialism

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