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Kyle J. Bristow, Esq.

Kyle James Bristow, Esq., (1986-) is an American attorney and author best known for his 2010 thriller White Apocalypse, in which the Solutrean hypothesis is discussed in detail, and for his legal efforts to combat revenge pornography, fight discrimination against European-Americans, and in defense of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Now owner of Bristow Law, PLLC, he first gained notoriety an undergraduate student at Michigan State University (MSU), where he led the MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom from 2006 to 2008. As president, he charted a distinctly nationalist and paleoconservative course for the campus group, which hosted lectures by several personalities of the Right during his tenure.


Early Life

Kyle James Bristow was born in Clinton Township, Michigan, about twenty-five miles distant from Detroit, in 1986, and was raised as a Catholic.[1] In a 2011 interview with the weblog The Fyrnsidu Project, Bristow recounted his formative years.

From an early age I was subjected to leftist nonsense to varying degrees, and being a shy bookworm throughout middle school, I found myself holed up in my room reading books that dealt with philosophy, politics, and history.[2]

When Bristow discovered Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism by conservative columnist Ann Coulter, the die was cast.[3] Incensed by the hard Left bias he discovered while a student at Chippewa Valley High School, he founded and led a Young Republicans' Club during his senior year, and served as the Republican Party' vice chairman for Michigan’s 12th congressional district, and was elected as a precinct delegate for the 29th precinct of the 12th district three times.[4] Under his direction, the Young Republicans did door-to-door signature collecting for Proposition 2, the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.[5] During high school Bristow also took part in marching band, International Club, and National Honor Society, and would work at McDonald's for three years.[6]

MSU - Young Americans for Freedom

Conservative on a Marxist Campus

Bristow began his college education James Madison College at Michigan State University in fall 2005, where he would major in International Relations, and immediately made a name for himself. He struck fellow students as "very driven and very strait-laced," and vocally opposed the school's drinking and smoking culture.[7] He came to see MSU as Marxist and would later compile a short documentary, Bolshevism at Michigan State University, to expose the totalitarian bent shared by administrator, faculty, and students.[8] He came to believe

Colleges in the United States amount to nothing more than reeducation camps in which students pay thousands of dollars in tuition for the very same drivel that dissidents were force-fed in Stalin’s gulags.

Never one to sit content with indoctrination, he joined the established conservative campus groups, the College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom. In spring of 2006 Bristow, still a freshmen, was elected chairman of MSU-YAF and soon thereafter snagged an unopposed seat on the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU), the joint student government of all MSU colleges. He was 19 years old.[9] The group advisor, Dr. William B. Allen, a Black professor with conservative leanings, largely remained by the sidelines and gave Bristow a free hand during his tenure.

"Raising hell"

An edited image of Kyle Bristow he altered himself (original). Bristow sought to offend and enrage the left.

In an August 2007 interview with the weblog Michigan Conservative Dossier shortly before his junior year, when asked about his plans for the new school year, Bristow replied, "I will be raising hell on MSU's campus."[10] The SPLC colorfully described his stunts as "inspired in equal parts by the movie Animal House and the Hitler Youth."[11] From early in his activist career, his style was to act with boldness and purposefully offend the Marxists he reviled. While opponents often found his swagger grounds for criticism, once Bristow started catching headlines with his conservative message he would hit the mark again and again. His celebrity began in earnest when he posted his 13-point agenda as a student representative, which focused on empowering the White, orthosexual student majority, on the ASMSU website. While censorious ASMSU officials soon forced him to remove the agenda, points included

  • Hunt down illegal immigrants in the Lansing area and have them deported
  • Eliminate funding for all non-heterosexual student organizations
  • Create a Caucasian Caucus and give them representation on the ASMSU
  • Create a Man's Council and give them representation on the ASMSU[12]
  • Eliminate representation to ASMSU for all of the following groups: Alliance of [Sexual Bolshevism|LGBT] Students; the Arab Cultural Society; the Black Council; the International Students Association; the Women's Council; the North American Indigenous Student Organization

The ASMSU demanded Bristow recant or resign after a villifying campaign by campus communists. As Bristow recounted soon thereafter in an interview with SpartansEdge, one of the apparachiks responsible wore a Che Guevara shirt during an arranged meeting.[13] He did neither, was recalled by a vote of 225 to 18,[14] or 92% to 8% (a landslide the Southern Poverty Law Center nonetheless felt obligated to misreport as 96% to 4%). Bristow's foes later recognized this disheartening setback as a transformative experience that further cemented his opposition to the predominant leftism on campus.[15] However, even before his impeachment, Bristow was already publicizing plans for a Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day; the event never came to fruition,[16] as it did in Michigan University. But by this time, Bristow's style of shock and attention drawing was well-honed.

File:MSU YAFStraightPowerDemonstration.jpg
November 20, 2006 MSU-YAF Straight Pride demonstration against government privileges for sodomites.

‎Later in the fall 2006 semester, the City Council of Lansing, Michigan, home of MSU, moved to grant protected status to sex perverts, and Bristow mustered the YAF to rally for normalcy. On November 20, a dozen members and some supporters from the Olivet College YAF rallied outside of City Hall. Not one for subtlety, the protesters held signs emblazoned with "Straight Power," "End Faggotry," "Go Back in the Closet," and "Keep Your Agenda Out of Lansing."[17][18][19] The council ignored them and rammed the ordinance through anyway.

Following an especially controversial speech by Congressman Tom Tancredo on November 30, 2006, which was nearly shut down by communists and mestizo supremacists, Kyle Bristow and Jeff Wiggins, president of the College Republicans, appeared on The O'Reilly Factor together on December 1. After describing the behavior of the opposition, which shouted down the speaker, made threats, slashed tires, and even targeted a pregnant woman such that Bristow had to intervene, Wiggins made explicit mention of the role of Latino Aztlan fantasists in disrupting the lecture.[20] Relations between the groups were friendly, but later soured, as Wiggins believed Bristow's boldness would harm conservatism on campus,[21] and by the winter of next year Bristow was unwelcome at meetings of the College Republicans.[22] YAF-MSU would also collaborate with Students for Life in protesting the Abortion Holocaust.[23] By December, the MSU-YAF counted 30 members and 100 to 150 people on its mailing list.[24]

As chairman of the MSU-YAF, Bristow invited many other rightist speakers to campus, including British National Party MEP Nick Griffin of the British National Party, Christian convert from Mohammedanism Walid Shoebat (the group would host a showing of Obsession, and in yet another frank stunt sponsored a Desecrate a Koran Day), Michigan Civil Rights Initiative spokeswoman Jennifer Gratz (who would thank MSU-YAF by name when the ballot initiative passed over opposition from both the Michigan Democratic and Republican parties),[25] Akindele Akinyemi, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, documentary filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (who flew from Romania to attend the group's screening of Mind Your Own Business), area Christian activist and former congressional candidate John Mangopoulos, The Born Gay Hoax author Ryan Sorba, and would host Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps twice.[26][27] An appearance by Cal Zanstrow of Personhood USA was also in the works when Bristow departed. Due to violent bolshevist opposition, Bristow "needed an armed police escort on no less than six occasions."[28]

Resignatiom from YAF Chairmanship

Kyle Bristow with guest speaker Nick Griffin. Bristow's black cowboy hat was a signature accessory he and other members of MSU-YAF often wore.

On February 24, 2008, Bristow announced he was stepping down from chairmanship of the MSU-YAF. Citing the group's huge effect on campus and even statewide discourse during his tenure, he looked optimistically toward the groups future under his designated successors Matt Ogonowski and Eric Thieleman.[29] The group continued on for a some time more, welcoming Gratz back to campus in the fall,[30] but the chapter has since folded. His dynamic activism inspired students of several other colleges in the region to found their own YAF chapters; the University of Michigan-Flint YAF, which gained fame in its own right for a spring 2008 Affirmative Action Bake Sale,[31] still exists as of January 2013.[32] In any event, Bristow needed to study for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and could not devote time to the group as he once had. YAF national director Jordan Marks alleged that Bristow left to avoid being expelled, as he considered Bristow to have crossed a line by hosting Nick Griffin, "a racist," when the national organization had forbidden it. Bristow called Marks's account false, but at any rate there was little love lost between the zealous campus leader and the conventionalist national leadership.[33]

Successful campaign to revoke Mugabe honorary degree

On September 12, 2008, the MSU Board of Trustees unanimously revoked an honorary law doctorate the school had awarded mass murderer Robert Mugabe in 1990.[34][35] Kyle Bristow, then still a student, had campaigned for the revocation for years, blogging, putting up posters, and chalking school sidewalks with anti-Mugabe messages.[36]

Law School and White Apocalypse

Bristow graduated from MSU in three and one-half years,[37] and began what would be three quieter years at the University of Toledo (UT) College of Law. The greater challenges of law school meant fewer opportunities for activism; Bristow was well-liked and when he was known, it was for the seriousness with which he treated his studies. Over the summer of 2010, he volunteered at the Toledo Bar Association, and from 2011 to 2012 served as law clerk to several firms, including the Van Dyke Law Firm, PLLC, the outfit of his MSU ally Van Dyke.

Just as Bristow seemed to have "all but gone underground," he emerged from obscurity with his first book, the racialist thriller White Apocalypse; at MSU, his political writing had not extended beyond the MSU-YAF blog The Spartan Spectator and press releases. While he had gained infamy in part through his call for a Caucasian Caucus, and had invited ethnic nationalist Nick Griffin and several American immigration reformers to MSU, the novel depicted the threats facing European-Americans and the efforts to efface the history of White men in the New World, and was seen by all parties as his proper debut as a pro-White activist.[38]

Bristow's first book, White Apocalypse.

White Apocalypse was received with great fanfare by the racially aware Right, and even lobbies and papers sympathetic to multiculturalism begrudged the work a good word. In Bristow's MSU days, the ASMSU leader responsible for his recall condescendingly observed, "what many people who refuse to take Kyle seriously may not realize is that Kyle believes all press coverage is good coverage."[39] Those years of provocation seemed to contribute to the book's success. Thanks to his renown, Bristow's self-published work caught the attention of many respected patriots. Endorsements from Craig Bodeker, Tomislav Sunić, Kevin MacDonald, Virginia Abernethy, Billy Roper, Harold Covington, Kevin Alfred Strom, Michael O'Meara, James Edwards, Paul Fromm, and Andrew Yeoman appeared inside the flap. The foreword to White Apocalypse is dated August 10,[40] and it went for sale on on September 27.

Bristow's extant notoriety also secured him a reception by europhobic critics maddened by the book's unflattering portrayal of Amerindians and its discussion of the Solutrean hypothesis. In particular, on March 12 the Toledo Blade published an article that attacked White Apocalypse as "hate fiction," despite recognizing Bristow's legal assistance to non-White families in his volunteer work, and wrote off the Solutrean hypothesis as "a fringe theory of archaeology," though the article itself cited Dennis Stanford, a Smithsonian anthropologist who backs the theory, a discrepancy the Council of Conservative Citizens was quick to call the paper on.[41] Significantly, the Village Voice acknowledged that Bristow's thriller may outsell Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints.[42]

On January 1, 2012, Bristow published his second book, Conscience of a Right-Winger, a collection of essays.[43] Not long afterward he received his Juris Doctor and was admitted to the Ohio bar.

Legal career

France Law Group

Following Bristow's graduation, he was hired as the junior partner of France Law Group, a northwest Ohio law firm founded by Scott E. France.[44] Although the SPLC has yet to condemn his new activities, in light of having once been labeled "the most annoying snot-nosed college kid," he gloated, "I’m now an annoying snot-nosed attorney."[45] Late in 2012, his old associate Van Dyke made headlines representing a woman victimized by a revenge porn website, which posts explicit pictures of women, often submitted by ex-boyfriends, without their consent. Van Dyke got the site shut down as part of a settlement out of court.[46] By the time Van Dyke's action was reported in December, Bristow was already seeking clients abused by other revenge porn sites.[47] As he explained in comments to the American Freedom Party,

Revenge pornography is nothing more than a manifestation of liberalism. Most victims on revenge pornography websites are young, white, blonde, middle class, American women. Women who the pornographers can link to conservatism or Christianity are especially targeted for harassment.[48]

On January 17, 2013, Bristow's efforts resulted in two more of the abusive sites shuttering their operations; like Van Dyke, he achieved this result without ever going to trial.[49][50][51][52] Less than a year into his professional career, Bristow has been cited as an expert in fighting revenge porn by The Wall Street Journal[53] and the Colorado Springs Independent.[54] On May 22, 2013, Bristow issued a press release calling on Congress to make revenge pornography illegal by making website hosts liable for tortious conduct by users.[55]

In January 2013 Bristow was also added to the National Rifle Association Attorney Referral List.[56] In protest against the American Bar Association's support for infringements on the right to bear arms, he resigned from the group on August 24, 2013, issuing an open letter to explain his actions.[57]

Bristow Law

In September 2013 Bristow departed France Law Group and started his own Detroit practice, Bristow Law, PLLC, in November. He has continued his battle against revenge porn, and was interviewed about the fight by the ABA Journal on November 1, 2013.[58] On June 29 he released the 26-page booklet The Revenge Pornography Victim's Guide to Removing Pictures from the Internet.[59]

In the meantime, a combined re-release of his two book-length works, White Apocalypse / The Conscience of a Right-Winger, saw publication in November of that year in honor of Native American Heritage Month, as the novel is dedicated to the real Native Americans.[60][61]


Kyle Bristow burning a campaign shirt for neoconservative shill Sen. John McCain in a picture he posted to his Facebook page to voice his dissatisfaction with the Republican candidate in the presidential election of 2008. He had voted for Ron Paul in the primary, and would cast a ballot for Chuck Baldwin in the general election.

Kyle Bristow has described himself as "a paleoconservative with nationalist leanings." While Bristow leaned neoconservative in high school, he credits friendship with former MSU-YAF members Craig Burgers and Randy Wood,[62] and reading Patrick Buchanan with his shift to more traditional conservatism, and has also cited James Burnham, Oswald Spengler, Russell Kirk, Sam Francis, and Francis Parker Yockey as major influences and inspirations. Bristow's White Apocalypse character Prof. Jack Schoenherr criticizes the Jews as "culture distorters", and describes Yockey's Imperium as "the foremost anti-liberal book that has been written in the English language."[63]

In the United States presidential election of 2008, Bristow voted for Ron Paul in the primary and Chuck Baldwin in the general election. In 2011, he posited that he may run for elective office in future years.

He has predicted that "Europe will be saved and that its satellites will die through racial and cultural amalgamation," citing the encouraging rise of nationalist political parties in Europe versus the lack of an ethnic notion of nation in the United States and other non-European White countries.[64]

During his time as MSU-YAF head Bristow presented himself as a traditionalist Catholic, and the group's blog linked to, the online apostolate of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the religious order founded by Father Leonard Feeney, in Richmond, New Hampshire.[65] In recent years he has criticized Judeo-Christianity within Protestantism and the Vatican II Church, but believes adherence to the Judeo-Christian heresy will fade in time.[66]


In 2007 Bristow won a scholarship from the Ronald Reagan College Leaders Program, an initiative of The Phillips Foundation.[67]

Personal Life

Kyle Bristow is married to Ashley Bristow (née Herzog), a columnist and author of Women vs. Feminism. The couple took out their marriage application on July 22, 2011,[68] and married on August 13.[69] They have one daughter,[70] Catherine.[71]

Other than "conservative politics," which Bristow also regards as a hobby, homebrews beer, and prefers "German-style lagers and English-style ales." He has enjoyed marksmanship since using a pellet gun in his student days. Recently he prefers a custom AR-15 a friend made for him and a Smith & Wesson Military & Police-style 9mm compact pistol, and enjoy teaching others how to use firearms.[72] In addition, Bristow is a numismatist.[73]


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