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Billy Joe Roper II born ca. 1975, is the founder of the White nationalist organization White Revolution. Roper is a former high school teacher with a Master’s degree in anthropology. He previously was a member of the National Alliance.


Billy Roper is a former High School History Teacher who also knows what it means to be a blue collar, working class American struggling to provide for a family in an upside-down economy. Described even by those who wish to censor him as "intelligent, articulate, gregarious, and hard working", Roper has spent his entire life fighting for the civil rights of Americans of European ancestry. As a political leader and activist, as well as as a candidate for Governor of Arkansas, he is not afraid to face the tough issues which threaten our nation, and our people. Outspoken, courageous, and straight-shooting. Billy Roper is a natural born leader.

Presidential Campaign

In 2009, Roper initiated a campaign for President of the United States, with Russell Howard as his running mate, under the banner of the Nationalist Party of America. In 2012 he suspended his campaign to endorse Merlin Miller.[1]


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