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The Anglo-Saxon Federation of America, was jointly founded by Howard B. Rand and William J. Cameron in 1930.[1] It is considered the oldest and largest British Israelism group in America. The group was originally based in Chicago but later moved to Massachusetts.

In 1928, Howard Rand, a lawyer and Bible student, started conducting a small Anglo-Saxon study group at his home. He met William Cameron, the founder of the newly created Anglo-Saxon Federation, together started the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America.

The group asserts that the Bible contains the past, present, and future history of Israel.

It determines exactly which group should take the name "Israel" based on which nation or race best fulfills the promises God made in the Old Testament. The Bible states that Israel was to be a powerful nation located to the northwest of Palestine that holds a great heathen empire in domination, is the chief missionary power in the world, and immune to defeat in war. It also has a group which split itself off from the parent "Israel" to become a great nation in its own right. They conclude that the only nation which meets the above criteria was Great Britain, and, by extension, the United States which separated itself from Great Britain later.

By the 1930s and 1940s, several groups affiliated with the federation could be found throughout the United States. However, by the mid 1970s, most of the group's membership had either died or left the group. Its magazine, Destiny Magazine, ceased publication in 1969, with the foundation publishing from that point a much more modest monthly newsletter.

The group does still remain active, publishing books and accepting new members.

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