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Featured Articles

The symbol for Featured Articles.
Featured Articles are articles that have been properly reviewed and considered being of exemplary quality. Since this system has not been in place for a very long time, the number of featured articles is still low. When a new article is classified as a featured article, it can also be displayed on the main page for a while, by placing it in Template:Featured.

If you find an article you think deserve to be a featured article, you can nominate it.

There is currently 1 Featured Article out of 8,196 on English Metapedia. Thus, about 0 % of the articles are listed here.

A Featured Article...

  • well written, without spelling errors or grammatical errors
  • ...provides a context
  • consistent with the wiki structure, and contains wiki links, interwiki links and categories
  • ...does not contain any warning templates
  • ...contains sub-headers
  • supported by references
  • ...covers the most important areas of the subject
  • properly illustrated with images which are free of copyright

Featured Articles

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