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Arktos Media Ltd is one of the World's biggest right-wing, traditionalist publishing houses. Its publications are available at a multitude of mainstream outlets. The company was established in 2009 in the United Kingdom. Its Chief Executive Officer and co-founder is Daniel Friberg, its Chief Marketing Officer is Tor Westman, its Chief Administrative Officer is Charles Lyons and its Editor-in-Chief is John Bruce Leonard assisted by Martin Locker. Arktos' UK agent is Gregory Lauder-Frost and its US agent is William Clark, and the editorial offices are based on the European mainland. Shortly after the company was founded, Integral Tradition Publishing was acquired and absorbed into Arktos, and all the rights of the previous publications of ITP passed to Arktos Media Ltd.

The name Arktos is derived from the Greek word αρκτος, which means 'bear'. The Arctic is named from this word, in reference to the northern constellations of Ursa Major, Great Bear, and Ursa Minor, Little Bear. Arktos is also one of the The Hours, known as Horai – Greek tutelary goddesses of the time of day; Arktos is last light. (more)