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The Traditional Britain Group is a traditionalist radical conservative political organisation in the United Kingdom who see themselves as upholding the pre-liberal Toryism of the British conservative movement. Its President is The Lord Sudeley, Vice-Presidents are Gregory Lauder-Frost and Sam Swerling. It also has numerous patrons and is run by a committee of six.

The Far-Left reported that "in 2017 the TBG affirmed its position as one of the most important off-line networking points for the far-right (sic) in the UK. The TBG will likely continue to grow and consolidate its place as the most important meeting point for the intellectual end of the far-right (sic) in the UK in 2018."

Despite the constant smears and attempts by the Liberal-Left to "isolate" the TBG it continues to attract speakers of the highest calibre. (more)


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