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Hate Facts are uncomfortable truths that make people angry. The taboo nature of such facts trigger deep emotions in those who have been culturally conditioned to believe that the facts themselves, and those espousing them, are morally inferior. This self perception of moral superiority is enough to dismiss any and all factual claims through pejorative accusations while never actually addressing the facts themselves.

Hate facts are not to be confused with Hate Speech, although it is often labeled as such by those who wish to ignore the facts presented to them. Whereas hate facts are nothing more than factual information presented as an argument, hate speech is derogatory language used pejoratively with no intention of educating an individual or group. Both forms of speech are legal under the American 1st Amendment, however many Western countries do not have free speech laws in place. This creates a dangerous scenario since mainstream culture, which drives political discourse, is in often in conflict with systematic realities. (more)


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