International list of Shirt movements

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Below is an international list of Shirt movements mostly from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.


Name Organization Country Founder
Blackshirts (Italy) Partito Nazionale Fascista Italy Benito Mussolini
Blackshirts (Britain) British Union of Fascists United Kingdom Oswald Mosley
Blackshirts (South Africa) South African National Democratic Party South Africa Manie Wessels
Black Shirts (US) American Fascisti Atlanta, Georgia
Blue Shirts (Britain) British Fascisti Great Britain Rotha Linthorn Orman
Blue Shirts (Canada) Parti National Social Chrétien Montreal, Canada Adrien Arcand
Blue Shirts (Ireland) Army Comrades Association Ireland Eoin O'Duffy
Blue Shirts (Portugal) Movimento Nacional-Sindicalista Portugal Francisco Rolão Preto
Blue Shirts (Spain) Falange Española Spain José Antonio Primo de Rivera
Brownshirts (Canada) Canadian Nationalist Party Canada William Whittaker
Brownshirts (Germany) Sturmabteilung (SA) Germany Ernst Röhm (co-founder)
Brownshirts (South Africa) National Workers Union South Africa
Brownshirts (US) German American Bund United States Fritz Kuhn
Gold Shirts Revolutionary Mexicanist Action Mexico Nicolás Rodríguez Carrasco
Green Shirts (Brazil) Brazil Plínio Salgado
Green Shirts (Britian) Social Credit Party of Great Britain United Kingdom John Hargrave
Green Shirts (Egypt) Young Egypt Egypt
Green Shirts (Hungary) Hungarist Movement Hungary Szálasi Ferenc
Green Shirts (Ireland) National Corporate Party Ireland Eoin O'Duffy
Green Shirts (New Zealand) New Zealand Legion (1932) New Zealand Maj. Gen. J.V.R. Sherston
Grey Shirts South African National Party South Africa Louis T. Weichardt
Khaki Shirts United States Art J. Smith
Silver Shirts Silver Legion of America United States William Dudley Pelley
White Shirts (US) Crusaders for Economic Liberty United States George W. Christians
White Shirts (Canada) Canada
Yellow Shirts Black Hundreds Russia

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