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Gerhard Lauck aka Gary Rex Lauck, German-American political activist, publisher and creator of „Zensurfrei“.

Gerhard Lauck was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 12, 1953. In 1964 the family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where his father became a professor of engineering at the University of Nebraska.

In high school Lauck was an honor roll student who declined a West Point nomination and graduated a year early. During the next two years he attended the University of Nebraska and majored in German. During this period he became active in both German-American ethnic and National Socialist political organizations. His submission to the youth essay contest sponsored by the prestigious Nation Europa magazine in Germany was published as a semi-finalist. Furthermore, his philosophical booklet Blood and Soil was complemented by the former Deputy Press Chief of the Third Reich Helmut Sündermann.

Lauck founded the NSDAP/AO in 1972. Its purpose was to supply the National Socialist underground movement in Germany with National Socialist propaganda material. Soon the NSDAP/AO was flooding Germany with millions of swastika stickers and gaining the recognition of friend and foe alike. At its peak in the early 1990’s the NSDAP/AO was publishing openly National Socialist tabloid newspapers in ten language editions and sponsoring an openly National Socialist public access television program.

In 1995 Lauck was arrested in Denmark, fought extradition all the way to the Danish Supreme Court, lost, and was flown in a private jet to Hamburg. In 1996 he was convicted for publishing six issues of the NS KAMPFRUF inside the USA. Germany claimed jurisdiction on the basis it is distributed inside Germany. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment, which was a record at that time, and served his entire sentence.

After his return to the United States in 1999 his emphasis shifted to web-hosting and book publishing. He personally translated and published over 200 original Third Reich books, which he sells online at

Books written by Lauck include the following:

  • Die NSDAP/AO: Strategie, Propaganda und Organisation. This was written during his first imprisonment in Germany in 1976.
  • Eine Einführung in die NSDAP/AO: Der Kampf geht weiter! Although written in 2000 in German, English and French editions have also been published.
  • The Education of an Evil Genius. Lauck’s autobiography was published as e-book in 2014 and in print in 2016.

Lauck’s web-sites include:



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  • The Education of an Evil Genius (biographical memoir, e-book and print editions, also free download link below)

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