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Singerman list is a collection of anti-Jewish works (books and pamphlets) compiled by Florida librarian Robert Singerman. In 1982 he published his research as a book titled Antisemitic Propaganda: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide (Garland Reference Library of Social Science). His work is arranged chronology and contains over 1400 entries covering the period 1871 to 1981.


  • Salute the Jew! by William Hamilton (Ignatz T. Griebl), (1935) Singerman 322
  • The Growing Menace of Freemasonry in Britain, by Arnold Leese (1936) Singerman 287
  • My Irrelevant Defence: Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold Leese, text (1938) Singerman 441
  • Why Are Jews Persecuted for Their Religion? The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction, Text, 4 page leaflet, (circa 1939), Singerman 519


  • Open Letter to Congress, by Joseph P. Kamp (1948) 66 pages, Singerman 741
  • Chain-Ganged By the Jewish Gestapo, by Emory Burke, (1949) Singerman 761




  • The Curse of Anti-Anti-Semitism: Making Pontius Pilates Out of Politicians, by Austin App (1976) Boniface Press, 66 pages, Singerman 1337