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British Nationalism 1930-1944Bulgarian Nationalism 1930-1944Danish Nationalism 1930-1944French Nationalism 1930-1944German Nationalism 1930-1944Greek Nationalism 1930-1944Hungarian Nationalism 1930-1944Italian Nationalism 1930-1944Irish Nationalism 1930-1944Portuguese Nationalism 1930-1944Romanian Nationalism 1930-1944Spanish Nationalism 1930-1944Swedish Nationalism 1930-1944
Nationalism around the World 1930-1944

This portal about Nationalism around the World provides an overview of the nationalist movements in the world from 1930-1944.

Main article: Nationalism

Sister articles: Nationalism around the World 1850-1929, 1930-1944, 1945-1979, 1980-1999, 2000-2009,

Alphabetical lists of articles: Nationalism, Organizations, Political parties, Nationalists

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This portal is meant to provide an overview of articles about the most important nationalist organizations, political parties and people in each country, from 1930-1944.

If you are missing an article, please add it in a suitable include page below. If you don't know where to put it, use the "Other articles"-section.

Each country has its own article for each time period (See Sister articles above). To add a new country, first copy an article to the appropriate name, for example Brazilian Nationalism, and then include it here.

North America

Canadian Nationalism 1930-1944

Latin America Argentine Nationalism 1930-1944 Oceania Australian Nationalism 1930-1944 New Zealand Nationalism 1930-1944 Africa Afrikaner Nationalism 1930-1944


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