Forza Nuova

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Forza Nuova
Forza Nuova.png
Political position Italian nationalism
Third Position
Fascism (broad sense)
Leader Roberto Fiore
Country Italy
Existence 1997–present
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Affiliation European National Front
Colours Black, red, white

Forza Nuova (English: New Force), also known as the FN, is an Italian nationalist party, which was founded in 1997 and continues to exist today. It originated as a faction of the Fiamma Tricolore around the popular newspaper, Foglio di Lotta. It considers itself in spirit the true heirs of the Movimento Sociale Italiano. The party was founded by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello; today the organisation is still led by Fiore.

The political programme of the party is broad based. It is staunchly opposed to globalism, defending Italian national sovereignty and expusion on foreign military occupation of the Italian Republic, opposing the looting of the people through neoliberal parasiticism and usury. It is supportive of traditional Catholic family values and culture; opposes abortion, as well as opposing subversive anti-Christian organisations such as freemasonry. It stands with the Italian people against their demographic genocide through third world immigration and has a populist economic policy, advocating corporatism where all sections of society are represented to work for the mutual benefit of the nation as a whole.


Origins in the Fiamma Tricolore

Roberto Fiore is the founder and first leader of Forza Nuova.

The organisation was founded by a group led by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello on 29 September 1997. They had been members of the Fiamma Tricolore under the leadership of Pino Rauti, which had itself recently emerged in 1995, following the dissolution of the Movimento Sociale Italiano and the betrayal of its original politics by Gianfranco Fini who was becoming more of a standard conservative liberal, soon forming the Alleanza Nazionale himself. Rauti was opposed to the distribution of Fiore and Morsello's newspaper Foglio di Lotta amongst Fiamma Tricolore members, as it was becoming popular and a challenge to his leadership, so they left to found Forza Nuova.

Motivated by hostility to their politics, controlled medias present a very distorted picture of disinformation about the history of Fiore and Morsello. A state of de facto civil war existed in Italy during the Cold War between communists and their opponents, known as the anni di piombo, with foreign organisations (not least the CIA, NATO, freemasonry and Mossad) also playing a provocateuring role. Following the Bologna bombing of 1980, some patsies associated with Terza Posizione splinter NAR were convicted. General Pietro Musumeci of SISMI and the Propaganda Due masonic lodge falsified evidence to try and frame Fiore and Gabriele Andinolfi; he was charged by the courts for this fabrication. Despite their innocence enemies continue to paint an ambiguous picture.[note 1] The two men (and others) were exiled in London from 1980-1997,[note 2] where they became allied to the Political Soldier faction of the National Front and later the ITP, as well as running the successful Easy London business.

Public emergence and early stages

The official founding of Forza Nuova was at Cave, a town on the outskirts of Rome on 29 September 1997, at a meeting held by Francesco Pallottine, leader of the music group Intolleranza and a friend of Fiore (who was still exiled in London at the time). The date was chosen specifically because it is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel who the party has a specifical devotion to. The initial members were associated with a variety of views (including people with a sympathetic view of historical Italian fascism and Peronism), as well as traditional Catholics; many of these people had been youths associated with Fiamma Tricolore and some simply autonomous groups of patriots. They created a website in early November 1997.

The national launch to the public and first party conference look place in Littoria in April 1998. Speakers at this event included

Alternativa Sociale and MEP

Alternativa Sociale alliance leaders — Fiore, Tilgher, Mussolini and Romagnoli.

Recent times and the future

Patriots from Forza Nuova of Italy and the Golden Dawn of Greece are allied through the European National Front.

Political positions

The political programme of Forza Nuova operates on the basis of forming a synthesis between all the national, traditional and populist steams in the life of the Italian nation. While it is not itself simply the Partito Nazionale Fascista brought into the modern day, it has a healthy respect for Benito Mussolini and sympathises with those Italians who feel a deep sense of nostalgia for those times and hope for something better in the future. They support freedom of thought by abolishing the unconstitutional acts which strangle the people's right to freedom of expression known as the Legge Mancino of 1993 and the Legge Scelba of 1952. These politically motivated laws persecute patriots under the rationale of so-called "apology for fascism".

The party is a strong advocate of family values and sees the family as an essential element of the nation to be celebrated. Much of its social and cultural positions are informed by a traditional Catholic ethos; they have a particular devotion to St. Michael the Archangel and advocate a recovery of religiosity. They support reversing the changes made to the Lateran Treaty from 1984 onwards and restoring it to its 1929 position; Italy as an explicitly Catholic nation and no other religions recieving state support. They oppose abortion and homosexuality promotion.

Forza Nuova stand for the Italian people's right to a homeland and opposes their demographic genocide through immigration, advocating stopping the third world invasion and the humane repatriation of the resident aliens who have already infiltrated Italy, back to their own homelands or a safe country neighbouring it. Forza Nuova are an anti-globalist party, standing for national sovereignty; they oppose Italian membership in NATO, are critical of the present state of the EU and are opposed to being a mere colony of the United States. Economically the FN stands for the people against the exploiters; the international capitalists and the usurers. They promote instead worker's corporations and aid weaker members of the Italian community, especially the old and women from foreign violence. They are influenced by Giacinto Auriti's monetary theories of signoraggio. The party have stated their opposition to the Mafia and have vowed to abolish the criminal conspiracy known as freemasonry, which through the Propaganda Due lodge is a well known evil force in Italian politics.


Leader From Until Notes
Roberto Fiore 1997 present Founding member.

Electoral performance

Chamber of Deputies

Election # of seats won # of total votes % of popular vote
1999 0 13 622 0.04 %
2004 0 255 354 0.67 %
2009 0 108 837 0.30 %

Senate of the Republic

Election # of seats won # of total votes % of popular vote
1999 0 39 545 0.12 %
2004 0 214 526 0.63 %
2009 0 85 630 0.26 %

EU parliament elections

Election # of seats won # of total votes % of popular vote
1999 0 94 181 0.3 %
2004 1 399 073 1.23 %
2009 0 146 619 0.47 %



  1. Following the humilitation of the lying P2 freemason Musumeci, Fiore was never claimed to be involved or in any way guilty of the Bologna attack again. However in 1985, a campaign of political repression was launched where the Italian courts sentenced him for belonging to a so-called "subversive organisation", meaning Terza Posizione. In following with basic practice when it comes to people claiming political assylum, the British government under Margaret Thatcher refused to extradite them back to Italy (a similar situation existed where actual Italian communist terrorists were granted assylum in France).
  2. As a result of being granted political assylum, the Jewish magazine Searchlight, under the editorialship of Gerry Gable began a whispering campaign that Fiore was either "protected" by MI6 and the British Secret Service or was working for them as an agent. No solid evidence exists to prove this. The Gable claim is actually cited as supposed "evidence" on the Italian Wikipedia and elsewhere, without mentioning that Gable is (A) Jewish (B) a former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (C) a known liar and arch deciever (D) openly admits that he has worked with the British, French and Israeli intelligence serivces, before falling out with MI5.

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