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This portal about Marxism provides an overview of many articles and categories related to this subject.

This portal is meant to provide an overview of articles regarding Marxism. Please try to make the navigation as easy as possible.

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Organizations and parties

AntifaAfrican National CongressCommunist Party USACommunist Party of ChinaCommunist Party of GermanyCommunist Party of the Soviet UnionFrankfurt SchoolHighlander Folk School


Antonio GramsciChe GuevaraErich FrommHo Chi MinhJosip Broz TitoFriedrich EngelsGeorg LukácsGeorgi PlekhanovFidel Castro - Josip Broz TitoPol PotHerbert MarcuseJoseph StalinKarl KautskyKarl KorschKarl LiebknechtKarl MarxLeon TrotskyLouis AlthusserKim II-SungMao ZedongMax HorkheimerNelson MandelaRosa LuxemburgSaul AlinskyTheodore AdornoVladimir LeninWilhelm ReichJulius Malema

Papers and magazines

Daily WorkerMoscow NewsPravdaPeople's DailyPeople's Weekly WorldSocialist StandardSocialist WorkerThe MilitantThe News Line


Das KapitalHistory and Class ConsciousnessLittle Red BookThe Authoritarian PersonalityThe Communist Manifesto


Anti-imperialismAnti-racismAnti-capitalismClass struggleCommunismSocialismCultural MarxismState AtheismDictatorship of the proletariatInternationalism

Other articles

International BrigadesProletariatSexual revolutionSoviet Union

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