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Rosa Luxemburg (March 5, 1870/71 – January 15, 1919) was a Jewish communist revolutionary, propagandist and ideologue from Poland. In the initial phase of her activities, she was associated with the Social Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Poland and with the Warsaw Jewish Bund (or League)[1] before moving to operate against the German people with the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany.

In 1902 she met with the notorious Polish communist, Felix Dzerzhinski while he was in Berlin.[2] With him, who suggested the title, she founded The Red Standard journal, initially published in Krakow. After the SPD's took the decision to support Germany during World War I, she co-founded, with Karl Liebknecht, the subversive Spartacist League (German: Spartakusbund) which later became the Communist Party of Germany. The Spartacist League plotted to usurp the State and enslave the German people under communism. In addition to undermining the war effort they were finally involved in violent attacks against the government of Berlin in January 1919. This was crushed by the patriotic defense organisation, the Freikorps. Luxemburg and hundreds of communist revolutionarys were captured, then executed.


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