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Greater Romania Party
Partidul România Mare
President Corneliu Vadim Tudor
Founder Corneliu Vadim Tudor
Founded June 1991
Headquarters Bucharest
Membership  (2014) 37,000
Ideology Romanian nationalism
National conservatism
Political position Disputed
Religion Romanian Orthodoxy
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
European Parliament group Non-Inscrits*
Official colours Red, Yellow, Blue (Romanian national colours)
0 / 176
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 412
European Parliament
0 / 32
County Council Presidents
0 / 41
County Councilors
0 / 1,393
6 / 3,179
Local Councilors
596 / 39,121

Until member of Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty (January–November 2007)

The Greater Romania Party (Romanian: Partidul România Mare, PRM) is a nationalist political party in Romania, led by Corneliu Vadim Tudor.

PRM results in elections

Election % of vote Seats
1992 3.9% 22
1996 4.46% 27
2000 19.48% 126
2004 12.92% 45
2008 3.15% 0
2012 1.47% 0
  • After 1992's elections, PRM polled less than 4% of the vote and won 22 seats in Romanian legislative and it was part of the governmental coalition (the Red Quadrilateral) for three months in 1995.
  • At the elections of 1996, PRM and Tudor polled less than 5% of the vote, still achieving 27 seats in Romanian legislative assemblies.
  • After the elections in 2000, PRM was the second-largest party in the Romanian parliament. The party polled 23% of the vote, winning 126 seats in both of the Romanian legislative assemblies. In the presidential elections, Tudor polled 33% of the popular vote, being defeated after the second ballot by Ion Iliescu.
  • In 2004 Vadim Tudor scored third, with 12.57% of the vote, while PRM scored 13.2%.
  • In 2007 was the first time for the party not to gain at least 5% of the votes in the European elections held in Romania for the first time.
  • In the 2008 parliamentary elections, the PRM scored only 3.15%, its lowest result since its foundation and below the electoral threshold necessary to obtain seats in the Parliament.

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