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The boy and the stone by Swedish artist Markus Andersson.
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Modern age (ca 1800 - )
Runes Books People Miscellaneous

Armanen Futharkh - Cirth - Modern runes - Hungarian runes - Uthark

The Secret King - The Secret of the Runes -

Guido von List - Karl Maria Wiligut - Varg Vikernes - Sigurd Agrell - Thomas Karlsson - Stephen Flowers

Rune magic - Runes and the Origins of Writing

Middle ages (ca 1050 - 1800)
Runes Ancient findings People Miscellaneous

Dalecarlian runes - Hälsinge runes - Short twig runes - Medieval runes

Kensington stone

Johannes Bureus

Viking age (ca 800 - 1050)
Runes Ancient findings People Miscellaneous

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc - Bind runes - Danish runes - Short-twig runes - Long-branch runes - Cipher runes - Swedish-Norwegian runes - Turkish Orkhon - Norwegian Futhark - Hungarian runes - Skandinavian Futhark

Björketorp stone - Görlev stone - Karlevi stone - Rök stone - Sparlösa stone

Runic calendar - Rune stones - Hávamál

Järnåldern och tidigare (- 800)
Runor Fornlämningar Personer Övrigt

Gothic alphabet - Ogham alphabet - Hungarian runes - Elder Futhark

Kylver stone - Järsberg stone

Petroglyph - Stone ship - Proto-Germanic - Proto-Norse


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