Noua Dreapta

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Noua Dreapta
Noua Dreaptă logo.jpeg
Type Nationalist organization
Location Bucharest, Romania

Noua Dreaptă (English: New Right) is a nationalist organization in Romania and Moldova, founded in 2000.


The group's beliefs include militant nationalism and strong Orthodox religious convictions. Noua Dreaptă is a bold opponent to sexual abominations, Gypsies, abortion, communism, globalization, the European Union, NATO, autonomy for Romania's ethnic Hungarian minority, and foreign intoxication of Romanian European heritage (including American culture, manele music). They stand against both Marxism and capitalism.

The members of Noua Dreaptă are proud of the leader of the Iron Guard in the 1930s, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Noua Dreaptă members sometimes refer to him as "Căpitanul" ("The Captain"), which is what Codreanu's supporters called him during his lifetime.


Noua Dreaptă is part of the European National Front, an important group including various nationalist organizations.

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  • The organization's leader has his own rock group, Brigada de Asalt (The Assault Brigade), which specializes in nationalist Romanian legionaire-oriented songs.

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