Propaganda lies about National Socialism

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An example of parroting lies about the Third Reich.

Liberal-Bolshevistic media generally falsifies facts in their semi-scientific programs in the media and papers. Some of their allegations, and the reality:

National Socialism was aggressive
National Socialism was an answer to aggressively conquesting Bolshevism and anti-national liberalism. It was not aggressive.
National Socialism's main goal was military expansion.
National Socialism was primarily a system focusing on social harmony and constructive development protecting the interests of the majority in a state. It aimed to be strong primarily for defense purposes.
Economical success during National Socialism was thanks to military development
During the first years of National Socialism, 1933-1937 primarily the increase of consumer goods industry, building of new houses and new roads caused economic prosperity, and not the military industry.
National Socialism was a dictatorship
National Socialism was not a dictatorship in the sense, Bolshevism was one. Hitler never feared to ask the opinion of the citizens, and he ordered several times plebiscite, to ask the opinion of the people, for example before marching into the Saarland or before unification of Germany and Austria, and at many other occasions.
National Socialism propagated the superiority of a certain race
National Socialism did not propagate that. It just called for racial consciousness, and stated, that the Germans are not worse, than other European nations.
National Socialism wanted to exterminate all nations of Europe except the German one.
National Socialism did not want this. The opposite, it tried to live peacefully with all European nations, for example in 1935 Germany signed a peace treaty with Poland, and many others.
National Socialism wanted to meld other nations into the German one.
National Socialism did not want that. On the opposite, it wanted an Europe of independent nations with equal rights.
National Socialism wanted to exterminate Jewry
National Socialism did not want that. It wanted to remove them from Europe, where they act up to now as a mischievous, corrupt and scrounging, Liberal-Bolshevistic, globalistic, culture destroying and race mixing foreign body.
National Socialism persecuted progressive art.
National Socialism did not persecute progressive art. It forbade pseudo-art depicting perversion and ugliness creeping into arts disguised as art.
National Socialism discouraged women to have equal rights as men.
National Socialism did not discourage women. Example for this are the constructive women like Leni Riefenstahl or Hanna Reitsch. However, National Socialism wanted to provide the means for women, who wished to live for their family, and the family was considered as the main building brick of the state.
National Socialism kept brothels to swell the race (Lebensborn)
National Socialism did not keep brothels to swell the race. Lebensborn was an SS foundation to help mothers and children after birth.
National Socialism forcedly adopted foreign children
National Socialism did not forcedly adopt foreign children. Orphans in foreign countries had the chance, if a German family was interested to adopt them, to get adopted and grow up in a family.
National Socialism applied foreign workers a slaves.
National Socialism did not apply foreign workers as slaves. Foreign workers worked together with German workers under the same conditions and same payment, they could support their family using the payment. They never revolted, that they certainly would have done, if the circumstances were bad.
National Socialism wanted to conquer the world.
National Socialism did not want that. It wanted peaceful coexistence, and it is not it's fault, that this was not possible.
In National Socialist concentration camps prisoners were tortured and killed every day.
They were not neither tortured nor killed every day. In concentration camps civil jurisdiction was valid, and disorderly behaviour was strictly punished, even with death. See Georg Konrad Morgen. In the camps there was self governing, and if there were tortures, they were mostly due to the ruthlessness of Jewish and/or bolshevistic kapos (supervisors).
National Socialism accomplished organized mass murder in the concentration camps or elsewhere.
National Socialism did not do that. There was no such plan, no such command, and the geographical location, environment and facilities of the concentration camps did not make possible any kind of the alleged mass murder. See Gas chambers controversy.
During the second world war axis military committed atrocities, while the Soviet and the Allied troops fought gallantly for a better future.
Exactly the opposite of the above is true. The crookedness and brutality of the Soviets is hardly to describe, they killed civil inhabitants in German uniforms, they raped thousands of women, surrendering soldiers were mutilated and killed. Allied troops also did not respect warfare rules, in Italy Arabic troops raped women. In Germany millions of prisoners of war were killed with hunger, non existing accomodation and shelter, see Rheinwiesenlager.
The National Socialists introduced political assassination to the world scene (this was e.g. stated by Ronald Reagan).
The National Socialists engaged in no assassination enterprise at all, but they were themself the victims of a number of assassinations before, during and after World War II
National Socialism protected and saved the environment.
This is, as an exception, not a lie, but the truth. National Socialism was way ahead in saving the environment, than our age. Hitler was a vegetarian, in order not to cause death of animals. During National Socialism, environment was protected and saved.

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