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The Gas chambers controversy refers to claims made by many Jews and the Allies, as well as "Holocaust exterminationist" historiography enforcers, pertaining to the alleged experience of Jews in Greater German Empire administrated detention centres. We discuss here what exterminationists claim, and then discuss, if what they allegate was possible with the existing means and equipment.

Exterminationists' claims

The victims undressed and went into a room that was completely sealed off. The room was then gassed, which killed the victims. The gas could have been:

Earlier they alleged, that some were killed by electricity, water vapor or chlorine gas. These allegations were later dropped without explanation, probably because they were even more absurd than the Zyklon B version. The corpses were transferred in Auschwitz by a special working group to the incineration furnaces (crematoria), where they were cremated. In Sobibor, Majdanek, Belzec, Chelmno and Treblinka they were buried in pits dug in the ground first, and later cremated in the open air .

Let the gas chambers remain closed to prying eyes, and to imagination.Elie Wiesel, 1995, All Rivers Run to the Sea.[1]


Sobibor Majdanek Belzec Chelmno and Treblinka cases

Diesel engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide in such a low percentage, that the gas pressure necessary for murder would blow up the building before the gas could kill anybody.

In order to bury the number of alleged corpses, a much larger area than the areas of the camps would be needed.

Incineration of one 60 kg corpse needs according to a rather modest estimation 200 kg of tree wood. In order to burn the alleged amount of corpses, hundreds of acres of trees should have been cut off, cut off the branches, and transported. There is no trace of such activity in the vicinity of the camps. There is also no trace of coal transport and storage to these places. In India, where there are many years of experience in the field of burning corpses, an average of 300 kg wood is estimated to be needed to burn a corpse.

On the alleged burial site no traces of any bones or teeth were found. These do not burn completely during combustion, and the primitive bone-mills, descibed by witnesses also can not chop them up completely. Also traces of bullets and cartridge cases were not found in the soil, even there where "witnesses" spoke about such things.

Corpses that contain more than 60% water, do not burn themselves, although some Jewish witness' "testimony" should like trying to suggest this.

Auschwitz cases

Here the problem is, that the alleged gas chambers' walls do not contain visible traces of hydrogen cyanide (Berlin blue). The by witnesses specified number of murder in the gas chambers would have caused them to work constantly, and cause orders of magnitude more hydrogen cyanide traces in the walls than they contain now.

Another problem is the burning of corpses. A corpse, calculated very modestly needs 30 kg of coal to burn. For the alleged number of corpses 30 million tons of coal should have been transported to Auschwitz, but there is no trace of these transports. For example, between October 1943 and March there is acknowledgment of transporting 638 tons of coal to Auschwitz. With that amount of coal up to 21,850 corpses can be burned. According to extermination enforcers like Danuta Czech, Raul Hilberg, and others, 125 thousand corpses were burned in that periode of time, which is definitively not possible.

The burning time of a 60 kg corpse is an hour. If there were five furnaces available, these can cremate 24 * 10 corpses a day, if two corpses fit into an oven (more can not be put into). In a year 365 * 24 * 10 = 86,700 corpses can be burned, and between June 1941-January 1945 a total of up to 303,450 dead bodies might have been burned in theory, without taking into account the maintenance time and rebuild time of the furnaces, which is needed for technical reasons after several thousand cremations.

The Holocaust tale's history

Immediately after the Second World War, Soviet press articles appeared about the alleged Holocaust, and also American newspaper articles and films, which meticulously presented the founded hair and shoe mountains in the camps and the alleged mass execution method in Dachau and in Bergen-Belsen, spiced with dramatic and pathetic commentaries. That the corpses were transported for the photos to the camps, and their existence was caused by the allied terror bombings, which made impossible normal alimentation and disinfection, however, they "forgot" to mention this in these films.

About ​​concentration camps in Stub-Germany or Austria (Buchenwald, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen, Ravensbrück, Flossenburg, Dachau and others) already at the beginning of the 1960's revealed the in Germany operating Jewish or Jewish Lackey "Holocaust historian," Martin Broszat, that here there was no mass murder. This happened not because of his commitment for truth and reality, but because they were available for any technical study, and these studies have shown very clearly that the technical implementation of these premises and equipment did not allow any kind of mass murder. Broszat pointed out indirectly with this, that the notorious American films about Dachau and Bergen-Belsen about gassings were obvious forgeries, that used for example transported corpses at the filmed locations to create an atmosphere of horror. Broszat simplified the situation for himself and for that part of the world Jewish population, that lived of parasitic compensation for the alleged mass murder, when he relocated the alleged mass-murder to the Jewish-Bolshevik-controlled Eastern-Poland and into the Soviet Union, that were at that time not available for inspection of independent specialists.

After 1990 the isolation of the Eastern European territories ceased, and also the documents of Auschwitz were made public, Treblinka, Sobibor, Majdanek, Belzec and Chelmno were available for inspection by anyone. The inspections clearly showed, that the legends of mass destruction for these areas are just as untenable as the already admitted Dachau fraud.

The alleged mass-murder is one of the Propaganda lies about National Socialism.

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