Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes

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BDM in the service of the Winterhilfswerk organization of the German people 1934/35.

The Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (English: Winter Relief of the German People), commonly known by its abbreviated form Winterhilfswerk (WHW), was a charity organization founded on 13 September 1933 on behalf of Adolf Hitler, which provided extra financial assistance to needy citizens (e.g. the unemployed and pensioners). The organization's slogan was: "No one should have to starve or freeze." One of Winterhilfswerk's goals was to strengthen the social and national community of the German people. In 1939, the organization had one million volunteer members.

The book Samhällets väl före egennytta (swedish) writes the following: "In 1933/1934, 14,053 people of non-German nationality were helped by Winterhilfswerk, including 8,791 Jews and 2,250 foreign Jews."