Gregor Straßer

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Gregor Straßer.

Gregor Straßer (31 May 1892 – 30 June 1934) , often Strasser in English, was a German politician and an early member of NSDAP. He participated in the Munich Putsch. He later was important in the growth of the NSDAP, especially in northern Germany.

He was the brother of Otto Straßer. The Straßer brothers supported relatively more socialist views within the NSDAP, such as the nationalization of the economy, causing conflicts with Adolf Hitler. In 1932, there was an attempt by the Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher to split the NSDAP with Straßer's help. This failed and in March 1933, Strasser officially exited politics by renouncing his Reichstag seat. The following year he was arrested and executed during the Night of the Long Knives.

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