Martin Bormann

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Martin Bormann.

Martin Bormann (17 June 1900 – 2 May 1945) was an influential official in National Socialist Germany, chief of staff of Rudolf Hess, personal secretary to Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler, and (after Rudolf Hess's flight to Britain in 1941) head of the NSDAP's Chancellery.

Unclear death and espionage claims

After Hitler committed suicide, Bormann and others attempted to flee Berlin. He probably died during the attempt. There were many theories on Bormann having survived and sightings were reported at points all over the world. At the International Military Tribunal Bormann was tried in absentia and sentenced to death. Bormann body was not found until 1972 in Berlin. Various methods including genetic testing have supported the identification.

Reinhard Heydrich (who was assassinated in 1942) was investigating Bormann as a possible Soviet spy. Later, in his memoirs, the National Socialist intelligence officer and later head of West German intelligence Reinhard Gehlen stated that Bormann had been a Soviet spy. Also others have made similar claims.[1][2]

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