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Traudl Junge in 1997.

Gertraud "Traudl" Junge (16 March 1920 - 10 February 2002) was Adolf Hitler final personal secretary from late 1942 until April 1945.

In June 1943, she married the Waffen-SS officer Hans Hermann Junge. He died in combat in France in August 1944.

Following her arrest and imprisonment in June 1945, both the Soviet and the US military interrogated her regarding what occurred as Hitler's personal secretary.

Later, after the war, she continued to work as a secretary.

The Holocaust

Junge said that she only found out about the Holocaust after the war.[1]

David Irving has stated that "Every one of Hitler's private staff was closely interrogated on precisely this issue by Americans and British after the war, and all of them stated independently of each other that at Hitler's headquarters, in his secret circle, there was never even the slightest hint or mention of anything untoward happening to the Jews in the east or in the concentration camps. I have the interrogation reports.[2]

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