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Nicolaus von Below (1907 - 1983) was an adjutant to Adolf Hitler from 1937 until Hitler's death.

Germar Rudolf states that von Below "provides a detailed report on how the Allies kept him in preventive custody for a very long time after the war, until he “confessed” what they wanted to hear. In his own words, he “told the English a load of lies”".[1]

In 1980, his memoirs was published. A politically correct review states that "As is the case with all members of Hitler's entourage, Below claims to have known nothing about the Holocaust. Nonetheless, he is honest enough to acknowledge that Heinrich Himmler never would have undertaken the extermination of Europe's Jews without Hitler's order. He also states that a young communications officer spoke with him about witnessing what must have been an Einsatzgruppe action in which women and children were murdered. Below asked SS liaison officer Karl Wolff to look into the matter, but upon being told that the victims were "saboteurs" he dropped the matter. In an even more shocking passage, he claims to have visited the notorious Dora-Mittelbau complex, the underground factory near Nordhausen where slave laborers worked under appalling conditions to manufacture V-2 rockets. Below, however, remarks that "the prisoners seemed well treated and were in good physical condition so far as I could determine" (p. 227).""[2]

The use of forced labor and that the Einsatzgruppen killed certain groups is not something denied by revisionists, see the article on the Einsatzgruppen and Posen speeches: The Einsatzgruppen. That von Below, even shortly before his death, stated that he did not know of a deliberate genocide of Jews, despite admitting knowing the above, is problematic for the politically correct view on the Holocaust, as is similar statements by other members of Hitler's entourage.

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