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Eddy Butler (b. 1962) is a former elections officer of the British National Party.

Involvement in politics

Butler joined the National Front in 1980, later becoming a regional organiser for Tower Hamlets. In 1986 he joined the British National Party, leaving the party in 1996, and was involved in setting up the Freedom Party. In 2003 however he rejoined the BNP, becoming its elections officer and later a regional organiser for the Eastern region. Butler has long been a critic of ethnic or racial based nationalism and instead leans towards civic nationalism. The short-lived Freedom Party he was involved in has been dubbed "ultra-Tory". In 2010, Butler announced that he would challenge the current leader, Nick Griffin, for the leadership of the BNP, yet was later expelled. On 26 November 2011, Eddy Butler joined the English Democrats, and on his blog also has attempted to form a union with United Kingdom Independence Party, which failed. He spends most of his time now attacking Nick Griffin.

Most in the British National Party regard Butler to be a pest, who's agenda is to water down nationalism into conservatism.

Elections contested

UK Parliament elections

Date of election Constituency Party Votes %
2010 Harlow BNP 1,739 4.0

European Parliament elections

Year Region Party Votes % Results Notes
2009 East of England BNP 97,013 6.1 Not elected Multi-member constituency; party list

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