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John Morse was a leading figure in the British National Party under John Tyndall, serving alongside Richard Edmonds as Tyndall's closest ally in the party.[1]

His alliance with Tyndall began when Morse supported his leadership of the National Front and continued when he was a founder of the New National Front. In the BNP Morse served as editor of the party newspaper The British Nationalist[2] and in 1986 was jailed, along with Tyndall, under the Jewish framed thoughtcrime laws for supposedly publishing "racial hatred".[3] He was expelled from the BNP in 2002 and, although he was later reinstated, he is no longer involved in the party.

Away from politics Morse worked in Winchester as a bus driver and was the focus of a communist hate campaign to deprive him of his job.[4]

Elections contested

UK General elections

Date of election Constituency Party Votes %
1983 Bournemouth West BNP 180 0.4
1992 Cardiff North BNP 121 0.3
1997 Bournemouth West BNP 165 0.4

European Parliament elections

Year Region Party Votes % Result Notes
1999 East of England BNP 9,356 0.9 Not elected Multi member constituencies; party list


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