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Adam Walker.

Adam Walker (born c. 1969) is a British patriotic activist who is currently the serving chairman of the British National Party. He was born to a strong working-class ethnically English family in County Durham, the North East of England. As a teenager Walker joined the British Army, serving as a soldier, before carving out for himself a career first as an electrical engineer and then as a schoolteacher (he was persecuted by the system[1][2] partly because of his patriotic advocacy). He spent some time in Japan and admired the homogeneity of their society, before returning to the United Kingdom and seeing the decline, becoming involved in activism.

Walker decided to join the British National Party in 2006 as the party were on the rise under the chairmanship of Nick Griffin. As a local chapter was not yet in place, he built up the Spennymore branch of the BNP and worked to liberate the national community by standing in local elections. Walker has an interest in labour issues and joined the Solidarity – The Union for British Workers trade union, led by Patrick Harrington. He received almost 5% of the vote in the 2010 general election and worked with Griffin and Andrew Brons while they were MEPs. After Nick Griffin stood down as chairman in 2014, Walker took his place. At first some thought he may just be a proxy for Griffin, but now this does not appear to be the case.[3]

Political controversies

The personal criticisms leveled at Walker within nationalism are to date, not very substantial. The most significant is that he was once married to a Japanese woman, Chie Shinoda (according to the Daily Mail), in 2001 before becoming involved in nationalist politics.[4][5] The two are now divorced and had no children together (he has children with his second, ethnically British wife). Walker had lived in Japan for a while, learning the language and studying the martial art of karate. Aside from this criticism, some shady elements associated with the skinhead controlled faction of the National Front have attacked Walker for not embracing sectarian terrorist flags associated with the Ulster Volunteer Force at BNP public events.[6]


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