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Henry Hyndman.

Henry Mayers Hyndman (7 March 1842–20 November 1921) was a British socialist activist, politician and author, best known as the founder of the Social Democratic Federation and the National Socialist Party (UK). He was born in England to a family of Ulster-Scots ancestry. He was a lifelong opponent of the Whig tendency in history and the capitalist system; starting out in politics as a Tory radical in the style of William Cobbett, he became attracted to socialism and even Marxism, though he rejected some aspects and his worldview was somewhat idiosyncratic, carving out his own vision of it. He also supported small farmers, such as the Irish National Land League and a similar group in Great Britain.

The Social Democratic Federation which he founded was the first significant socialist organisation in Britain and he was joined by the likes of William Morris. Hyndman was the editor of the party newspaper named Justice. He supported United Kingdom's involvement in World War I which caused a split in the party with Hyndman founding the National Socialist Party (UK) (which despite the name was not related to the NSDAP).

He criticized argued Jewish influence such as in association with the Second Boer War. See also the anti-Semitism article on such views among some early socialists.


  • England for All (1881)
  • A Commune for London (1888)
  • Commercial Crisis of the Nineteenth Century (1892)
  • Economics of Socialism (1890)


I am quite content to bear the reproach of chauvinism in regard to what I say about the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples. We have to base the first real socialistic combination upon the common interests and affinities of the great Celto-Teutonic peoples in America, in Australia, in these islands and possibly in Germany.
It is high time that those who do not think that Beit, Barnato, Oppenheim, Rothschild{ and Co. ought to control the destinies of Englishmen at home and of their Empire abroad, should come together and speak their mind.
The war in the Transvaal is the product of scoundrelly adventurers, principal among them financiers with good old British names such as Eckstein, Beit, Solomon, Rothschild and Joel who have taken control of the rand. Lord Sailsbury, the Prime Minister is but a dupe of the Jew clique. This plot has been hatched by the ruling class and their masters, the capitalist Jews.
The Oppenheims and Bischoffheims, the Rothschilds, the Barings and the Lawson Levys, Baron de Worms and the Right Hon. J. G. Goschen – the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, as some say – Sir George Elliot and Sir Julian Goldsmid, these are the main champions of the Egyptian War. This semitic array and their bottleholders have made a fine thing of it.

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